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The most popular round connector company

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The most popular round connector companies recommend fasteners, accessories, filters, etc. as examples. Today, the manufacturer of M12 connectors will talk to you about it.

M12 round connector products are widely used in fields such as telecommunications, national defense, aviation, industrial control, national defense and military industry, and consumer electronics. Especially in the military field, it requires the most widespread attention. As one of the few technology-based enterprises in China dedicated to M12 round connectors, Zhuolihan Technology will introduce in detail the application of M12 round connectors today.

The biggest advantage of this type of connector is its sturdy appearance of 50 million pixels that prevents tearing. Compared to other IP67 series, dustproof technology can reduce dust by 50% and does not use specific harmful gases for SMD production in areas. The use of dustproof grade IP67 series products is primarily to prevent the formation of a series of environments with M12 metal coatings.

In the field of aerospace, the "Ethernet" solution is adopted. The biggest feature of this solution is that it is particularly suitable for harsh environments such as industry.

. It has a sturdy outer shell that can be reinforced and reinforced, while the IP67 stainless steel has a dust resistance rating of IP65, using a circular head for dust prevention, and providing gold-plated or crimped bushings.

Provide various terminals and connectors, widely used in servo consumer electronics applications. SMC UV is designed with the most advanced contact design and application. EZ-ID is designed with the most advanced contact design and application.

Interconnection and spring connectors for industrial to nano tissue crimping applications, Each series has its own patents, which can be managed using internal SINA or AC charger solutions for total diameter.

A hat shaped solution with a flat cable adapter plate that can be directly installed on the coil to ensure correct connection.

Compact VHDCI dedicated connectors are designed for industrial to higher performance SINA or portable DC/DC applications.

The connector solution combined by GSH can quickly respond to various electronic applications in limited space: component libraries, heating products, testing, and other designs.

Accessorsl provides detailed guidelines and product specifications for the design tool zone tools. For example, buttons with endpoints and partially suspended contacts that change or reflect with internal linetype or any other changes. For example, handheld testing or other interactive testing. For example, functional testing. ● Manual tools for functional testing. ● Inserting and pulling out fixed buttons. ● When power is off, the locking function is reduced and the button is held. The amplitude of the self-locking switch operation is less than 190 mm. ● Life test pass rate instrument ● Specification can be modified from scratch ● Tool, rotates hundreds of megaohms per hour, and samples (IT/DXC, standard even DXC.

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