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Boosting brand value, round connector products enable bi-directional empowerment and break through terminals

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Boosting brand value, round connector products are bi-directional empowering and breaking through terminal upgrades.

The forming of pin and busbar is generally widely used in the fields of electrical connectors, PCB connectors, electrical connectors, etc. We mainly focus on the supporting field of pin and busbar.

Pins are classified according to the program of row pin connectors, including AB and single pole connectors, dry cross-linked pins, and bipolar connectors.

A. FC, SC, DIN plugs, sockets, solid pins, pins, flat sockets, round connectors, button switches, terminal blocks;

B. Needle tube type terminals, including busbars, board to board connectors, line to board connectors, board to board connectors, line to line connectors, pins, and terminal blocks.

B. Board to board connector, in accordance with DIN VDE 353 specification, connector pin length 1mm, criticism value: 025mm Contact impedance: ≤ 30m Ohm Insulation impedance: 100M E Test impedance: 5M Phosphor bronze plated gold radiation resistant joint: 1500 UL 224 Y Part number: L2053 Cross border market-oriented design RF connector in Dalian.

2021 is the year when 5G networks are officially popularized. 5G is an essential year for the general public. In this year, the focus of the 5G Internet of Things era will be on diversification, low latency, and the driving forces of large-scale development, and the demand for 5G will also expand. In our daily communication equipment field, it has indirectly become a new force for 5G base stations. Although the timing has come for several domestic terminal receiver brands to showcase 5G networks.

As a strong RF front-end, it does not have a separate base station, whether it is an antenna or an integrator. However, with its unique technology and advanced measurement technology, its localization, small batch production, and volume reach 91.5 billion euros.

In order to provide faster, more accurate, and customized antenna base stations for 5G, our company has produced and manufactured directional antennas that can support globally recognized 5G base station media. At the same time, we are also developing and producing 5G standard chips in the field of 5G connection technology. Our company has produced and manufactured RF connectors that are at least 1 centimeter Ω compact and can guarantee a one gigabit link. Our base station has a richer range of millimeter wave/RF device packaging, as well as a selection of multiplexing and top-level filter components, enabling us to manufacture a compact microstrip/50 Ω design for 5G base stations, which can meet specific application fields from 5G to antennas, broadband and Wi Fi and Bluetooth terminals

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