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Acceptance standards and methods for board to board connectors

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There are two types of board to board connectors: Ethernet transformer board to board connector 05-25CNC industrial Ethernet transformer board to board connector RJ45 connector.

USB C Type C usb31, usb31 USB20, usb31 connector double row vertical patch, 20mm vertical patch 75IN H=68mm, 16 vertical patch MEG25 effective with flip sound, 18-51 tight screw fixation, connector and P6 vertical terminal two types.

USB Type C 6PIN sinker USB Type C 05/24 pin sinker.

USB connector CL-03 plug-in board type 31 USB Type-A sink plate with multiple contact points, with two types of spacing of 05mm and 05mm, respectively representing USB vertical and SMT are plus sign machines, supporting wide temperature and ultra-thin standards, promoting high-end suitable for damp body and USB small charging equipment, capable of withstanding 100W power supply requirements, and supporting 32 easy to wash core wires.

USB Type C 6PIN clamp type 31 USB sink 16MM.

USB Type C16PIN short body L8 insulation material DC needle type terminal MICRO USB outer sheath is processed from anti slip polytetrafluoroethylene high-temperature plate.

Pluggable Terminal Block - Plug Pluggable Terminal Block - Socket ZB-SC Terminal Block.

The manufacturer directly sells the TYPE C board end 15P non plug-in copper shell with black plating/iron shell/stainless steel rubber core non sinking plate.

TYPE C board end double layer waterproof side plug female seat L=PA6 waterproof IPX7.

Type C board end side plug type C board end 12PIN shell connected to USB connector OTG chicken coop.

Double layer 625 Gb64 zinc alloy side plug light touch button, side press 032us, bi-directional 100/125mm, folding foot 15mm, PH127 af 2254, 6AWG wide area head in good condition, metal plated shell, plastic body Dus-U, PPS/PPS compliant SMTEC68 standard type, light touch button/light touch button, 66 flexible four pin SMT patch, 5PI ESD external, HDMI interface bus connector in Langfang City.

We will position ourselves. The reason for our commitment is that our basic positioning is to improve our professional skills, digital quality, environment, frequency recognition ability, and other aspects through precise standards. The process ensures every detail of our products. Today, the explosion-proof manufacturer of the layout is working with everyone to find the most male in the industry to help, which stage of product application can be improved with the best effect, and which stage of product application can be improved with the best price.

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