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50 Pin RT(Right angle through hole) Socket Female, RT,50 PIN MEDLON(MDL)
  • 50 Pin RT(Right angle through hole) Socket Female, RT,50 PIN MEDLON(MDL)
50 Pin RT(Right angle through hole) Socket Female, RT,50 PIN MEDLON(MDL)


Product Name:Female,R/A,50PIN,Selected by customer
50-pin RT (right angle through) female receptacle, typically used for electrical device connections. With 50 pins, it provides a high-density interface for electronic connections. Its right-angle perforation design facilitates connections in tight spaces. The Mellon (MDL) connector, also known as the 50-pin Mellon connector, is a standard connector type that provides a highly reliable connection to the circuit board. Commonly used in data transmission and communication equipment, this type of connector is suitable for a variety of industrial and commercial applications, providing stability and performance for a reliable connection between equipment.

Product Name


Selected by customer


Quantity of Pin hole in the housing is 50,25PIN at A row & B row, Customer could choose the number and the position of contacts,A&B row has 1-25 Pins from left to right, The distance between two rows contact tail is 2.54mm or 5.08mm

Curved socket: pitch 2.54mm

Curved socket: pitch 5.08mm

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Product Application

Contact Pitch is 2.54mm, contact tail: through hole, mating with 1.60±0.20mm  thickness PCB gold finger, used in the PCB connection of communications equipment, precision instrumentcomputer etc.


Work environment

Operating Temperature  -55~+125(Include 40 temperature rise

Relative  Humidity 40℃,90-95%

Air pressure 40KPa

Vibration10~500Hz 100m/s²

Shock Acceleration300m/ s²


Mian Technical Parameters

Rated Current3A20℃)

Contact Resistance:≤25mΩ

lnsulation Resistance:≥1000MΩ    

Voltage Rating  300V AC

Withstand Voltage750V

Mechanical Life500 times

Insertion Force Per Pin 2N    withdraw force Per PIN1.2N


Part Number System

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