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Shenzhen Medlon Hardware Product Co.,Ltd
Dongguan MeiXinLong Hardware Product Co.,ltd.

Mobile:+86 138 2886 2712 
 Office Address:Room 401, 1 Area, Building B, The center of Shenzhen Famous brand industry product,Baoyuan Road,Bao An district, Shenzhen , GuangDong China
Factory Address:Fenggang Town, Dongguan City, Yantian Aon Industrial City Building 56B

Sally tan's QR code for Overseas /Local connector business
Maily selling below professional connectors (sole thing to do in this life)

FCI Powerblade Connector;
Amephenol power blade connector;

Tyco High-Density Connector;

Mobile Battery Connector;

Samtech Reliable Power Connector;

Industrial Power Connector;

Power and signal Connector /full power connector/full signal connector;

replacement conncetor for Molex /Tyco/FCI Power Connector ;

Power Connector Solution;

Advanced Power Connector;

Power supply unit Connector ;
1u power unit connector;
2u power unit connector;
charging pile connector;
round connector/circular connector;
rectangular connector;
T-bar connector /Golf e-car connector;
e-car connector/new energy car charing pile connector;
Circular Connector MS26482 ,MS3475W8-98S,MIL-C-26482Ⅱ,MS26482 seriesⅡ;

Circular Connector MIL-DTL-38999 Series Ⅰ,Ⅱ,and Ⅲ Connectors, D38999/24WJ29SN. D38999 Series Ⅲ;

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Contact window and Tel:Sally , 138 2886 2712,
Office Address:Room 401,  1 Area, Building B,  The center of Shenzhen Famous brand industry product,  Baoyuan Road,  Bao An district,  Shenzhen ,  GuangDong China   , Connector professional manufacturer