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This type of round connector product successfully broke through the market

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After successfully breaking through the sales of these round connector products, the manufacturer can fully seize this opportunity and timely unlock each series of connectors.

ERNI adopts PRO-E-L RF connectors and supports the LPC-JAEE protocol.

High frequency high current connectors can meet today's and future application needs, including energy storage, high current, and high alloy.

ERNI connectors with different bonding structures can be composite insulated (IPMC) while preventing short circuits.

Extensive product structure: anti welding, oxidation resistance, heat resistance, UV resistance, heat resistance, large area isolation, and intuitive display of connector performance.

High current connectors are used to achieve high-performance, highly reliable, and low-cost printed circuit board connections for spacecraft. Waterproof connectors have outstanding performance in aerospace electronic technology, with a more stable structure and higher reliability. Its structure is more stable and can reduce the space of printed circuit boards.

Single line grounding or good contact with anti welding hardware for anti welding or reliable attachment components, with excellent advantages such as window opening, fixation (thermoplastic), segmented height padding, and vertical pin arrangement.

Product certification materials for LiDAR or other distributed systems at the minimum bandwidth of the socket; The key performance with product characteristics is mainly manifested as complete structure, long contact life, spacing, and geometric shape.

The key technology of product characteristics determines its performance, and product characteristics lie in the convenience of production and operation. The rigidity and manufacturing process of the product, as well as the failure mode and form of the product, can lead to the failure location of the product.

The key technologies of product characteristics are as follows: In addition, a material is named after its high performance characteristics of being non-toxic and phosphorus free, such as excellent water, acid and alkali properties, and non woven agents. The physical demand for water has been identified as a key factor in product performance research. The physical demand for water has been identified as the most critical aspect of product failure. In addition, plastic and wood as raw materials, in addition to having high physical properties and chemical stability for water, have processability for flexible non-metallic materials. The most critical failure of nonwoven agents is because these materials cannot achieve a serious impact on quality as raw materials. The main reason for the failure of this material is to provide the best water protection for mechanical equipment. Efficient design is crucial. At present, the stress levels of textile materials that are difficult to handle are designed based on extremely harsh conditions.

Due to the use of carbon fibers that combine temperature and dielectric constant to reduce and improve additional current, many special materials have made significant improvements in UV exposure. Xilino Rustro401 is a polymer used for high-performance material processing using carbon fibers in power management applications. Rustro401 can generate 12V to DC power, with very high efficiency.

Install the connector into the matching plastic groove and ensure that it does not accidentally detach.

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