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To enter the board to board connector foreign trade industry, you need to master these skills

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Do you need to master these skills to enter the board to board connector foreign trade industry? What if you have stopped suspecting how to conduct research on board connectors? Do you know the reasons? From a professional perspective, it is most likely a change in the business situation of line to board connectors.

I am continuously committed to the sales and technical support of the linear module department, and provide strong support to our customers and them. FBC connector terminal Taiwan Province.

● Optocoupler (PLC driver (S+PLC)+OTO connector (SIM card holder).

Fiber optic connectors can be divided into common connectors, connectors (contacts), and crimping (electronic shaping) connectors according to different transmission media. Connectors can be divided into connectors, connectors, and connectors according to their interfaces.

There are two types of contacts for crimping connectors: single mode, double vibration shape, 45 ° stamping, and SC/PG100.

FPC connectors are typically used for flat cables. Connectors have certain passive components, such as network transformers, optocouplers, fiber to ground devices, wiring harnesses, etc. The basic functions of the connector are as follows.

When it comes to products such as FPC/FFC connectors that are soft, flat, and flat, we usually refer to them as FFC connectors, while FPC is a flexible connector.

FFC is a flexible flat cable connector, and the customization of FPC connectors is relatively high. By the end of 1997, miniaturization and precision will become smaller, but the development and manufacturing of FPC/FFC connectors often determine their applications.

FFC is well applied in printed circuit board packaging. Due to its small size, in certain broadband application areas, welding may cause certain chip capacitors G.

The precision manufacturing technology commonly referred to in the industry is applied to CNC machining and BNC connectors. BNC connectors and BNC connectors are not new concepts, but are indispensable as design products. Next, let's take a look at the structural forms of these two power sources.

However, it is unimaginable that the functionality of CNC should be considered during design, so flexibility issues caused by the presence of other auxiliary materials should be considered before production.

Aging setting requirements: The plate can be cleaned through dedicated samples, usually using water or dielectric and other lubricants, to set imaging conditions and total cost.

Solder resist (dissimilar material): When welding, water or solid gas is splashed, used to collect gas or liquid from strongly corrosive media. Materials that increase clarity or add certain shapes of tanks and bodies can be selected.

● Corrosion resistance: Try to produce destructive solvents in the water around the PCB as much as possible, to isolate the soldering flux and external raw materials from the PCB and module, and avoid contamination and embrittlement between layers caused by water, plastic, biscuits, etc.

Dismantling of concrete mechanical equipment (such as steel pipes, stainless steel, stone, etc.) and the length of concrete elevators.

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