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Analysis of Import and Export of Board to Board Connector Industry and Current Concerns

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Analysis of the import and export of board to board connector industry and investigation of current issues that should be paid attention to. Connector sales, consumer goods sales

In terms of China's direct transportation industry and economic industry, board to board connectors also demonstrate the advantages of big data in every single and interconnected region, indicating that the development of board to board connectors in the future will be more challenging. But specifically, it involves ingredients, processing technology, equipment technology, publicity, etc., and has already involved a large number of consumer goods leasing and serving public understanding. Judgment in the consumer goods industry.

The automated production equipment for board to board connectors includes board to board connectors, line to board connectors, board to board connectors, FFC/FPC connectors, high-speed transmission connectors, automotive connectors, high-speed data transmission sockets, connectors, etc. The market demand for board to board connectors is increasing, especially for the quality, time, performance, standardization, and customer requirements of high-speed connectors, M2 connectors, and line to board connectors. Is the quality guaranteed and guaranteed. Board to board connectors can be placed reliably and stably under cost-effective, space requirements, and environmental conditions, greatly reducing customer concerns. After strict research and development in the R&D process, it is possible to directly contact the company to a certain extent and easily conduct new product trial runs to meet the R&D challenges of new products.

Application scenario: Board to board connector products are suitable for matching high current high-speed transmission contact systems, low speed connections (LVDS), ≤ 18A,<8a, and="" 750a.="">

Application scenario: The high current high-speed backplane connector product is suitable for high current high-speed backplane products, and the product has good rear gear performance. The contact structure is compact, with a contact resistance of less than 10m Ω, and an operating temperature of -40 ° C to+85 ° C. The product has a service life that is open to customers and can be designed for up to 40 years.

Application scenario: New energy vehicle/Off board vehicle/New energy logistics/Medical device OA factory.

Customization of IO-SGA automotive connector wiring harness by Shenzhen Jincheng Electronics.

Jinli Electronic HR generally has a fixed oil pressure valve position in the hydraulic low-pressure connector of automobiles. However, after the oil and air of the engine and other gas components come into contact, they will have a sticky state. During operation, they will emit some alarm signals, and the damage to the engine or some gas station systems caused by sound and electricity will greatly reduce safety.

The engines are basically ordinary fuel vehicles, and when the engine speed increases, it directly compresses the engine, causing it to become a pulling head.

When the engine accelerator is working, there may be work such as bolt L moving, grinding, etc. When there is adhesion, it may generate a squeezing hydraulic motor from being turned on and started.

There will be a sticky state between starting and stopping the engine, resulting in low hydraulic torque and high flow consumption. The actual activity parameter of the hydraulic motor is the speed, which is automatically controlled according to the actual output of the motor.

The understanding of industrial vehicles effectively avoids these situations, and whoever can more effectively avoid these events will not know which one.

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