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Dig deep into the business strategy of round connector products

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Deep excavation products, round connector products - round connectors - high temperature resistant connector products. This performance is mainly applied in fields such as communication, electronics, testing and maintenance. The contact parts are made of excellent conductive materials, with stable environmental resistance and high reliability. Insulation and encapsulation refer to the components that combine contacts, insulation materials, media, or stress together. Insulation and sealing refer to contact parts composed of insulating materials, media, or stress bonding materials. Waterproof performance, salt spray or nitriding hazards, wear and maintenance are extremely important.

Usually designed according to the instrument and meter regulations, the contact parts, component suppliers, and machine head markings can meet the requirements of various standards.

Type of contact: FC type, LC type, SC type (single or straight); SC type, ST type, LC type; Note: Contact category: ZKT; ZR; Z ship type

Number of contacts: 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 160, 180, 160;

Type of contact: male terminal (terminal), PE type, FC type, D4 type, 4D (straight pin, bent pin, pre inserted, T-type);

Insulation material: OTG - Insulation 3: Terminal spacing 254mm; Insulation material: insulation 3: foamed plastic PP (250 ≥ 240 mm);

Contact resistance: 20m Ω Insulation resistance: 1000M Ω Withstand voltage: 1000V, 10 minutes.

Vibration resistance: 1000-1500V/500HZ, various specifications and models: BD green (head width ≥ 100mm), tensile strength: ≥ 5000 times, heater conductor meets IEC 60HZ standard ("+/").

Insulation material: Brazing: Mux φ 70mm (part number: W1P-2 fixed on the frame, other wire to board connectors in Quanzhou City.

Everyone's time is precious. If your product cannot be produced by our company, we will inform you directly and hope you can understand! If your description is detailed and accurate, we will provide you with the most favorable price as soon as possible (due to changes in product cost prices, our prices are all short-term prices).

We greatly welcome you to visit our company for on-site inspection and look forward to our direct contact. We are dedicated to serving you.

The availability and performance description of measuring instruments are the core of their availability. The usability of the measuring instrument measures the output voltage of the socket. It can be used to measure insulation deterioration or connection points on the insulation test board to determine whether it is damaged or the version number, in order to obtain user recognition.

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