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Where Will the Board to Board Connector Industry Go Going Out of Comfort Zones

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Where will the board to board connector industry go beyond the comfort zone, driven by TE Perry's popular electrical connectors and other connectors, promote the evolution of a new industry that presents convenience, economy, and transmission speed. 1、 Shenzhen Automobile Manufacturer's Introduction to Line to Board Connector Products (hereinafter referred to as "Automobile Manufacturer") today launched the HTFLTLED High Frequency Growth GEFS HPmm series, which is compatible with the MTK10243 mechanism for supervision and mass production of the MTK280.

New Concept of Shenzhen Line to Board Connector Mocha Buckle Industry. Mokakou automation production equipment industrial wind power generation vehicle charging system.

Wind Energy Communication "is a world leading enterprise in the integration of tram signal transmission and charging systems! Techlogic is committed to becoming a world-class supplier of smart power grid security chips and solutions!

Internet of Vehicles (B2B): Bringing modular production to meet universal needs for various industries! Skeleton Connect focuses on the enterprise "Module based battery charger"!

Glanton has set safety related standards for equipment safety, introduced regulations and standards for the safety, compliance, energy-saving, and efficiency of the Internet of Vehicles (B2B), as well as developed B2B security protocol standards. The enterprise has extremely high requirements for safety compliance, ensuring that the safety of the Internet of Vehicles and the continuous and stable supply of projects meet the expected requirements; Committed to international fair standards for safety compliance in the field of vehicle networking, the company will continue to promote the development of the vehicle networking industry.

The safety standards for the Internet of Vehicles comply with regulations and are the fundamental standards leading to the Internet of Vehicles. After technological development in the industry, it has been found that the nine major categories include the application and evaluation examples (evaluations) of automotive networking products in design and software management, as well as the performance requirements and market research work of B2B opposite unit (HEV) filters for automotive networking electronic products.

Step 3: Finished mold base (one-time) The molding mold base product needs to be equipped with customized tooling fixtures during normal use.

The final step: To modify the mold base, it is necessary to use it as a supporting label for both OEM and FA fields, as well as a supporting mold base system. Of course, corresponding certification standards are also required.

We develop and manufacture equipment tailored to the needs of our customers, and currently provide molds, hardware stamping production equipment, and auxiliary inspection equipment

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