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  • JDC-12Z1-001
  • JDC-12Z1-001
  • JDC-12Z1-001
  • JDC-12Z1-001
  • JDC-12Z1-001
  • JDC-12Z1-001
  • JDC-12Z1-001
  • JDC-12Z1-001


JDC-12Z-001/JDC-12T1-006/JDC-4Z-002/JDC-4T-005/JDC-TA-017 Female Connector
Technical Requirements: 
1.Materials: Insulator: engineering plastic, UL94-V0, Black; φ5 PIN: copper alloy, silver plated on the surface; 22# PIN: copper alloy, gold plated on the surface; 
2.Performance: Withstand voltage: φ5 contact: 1500V AC,22#contact: 500V AC; Rated current: 22# contact 3A,φ5 contact 85A; Contact impedance (initial value): 22# contact ≤ 13m Ω, φ5 contact ≤ 1m Ω; Normal state: ≥ 3000m insulation resistance; The mechanical life is 500 times; 
3.Working environment: Temperature: - 40 ~ 125 ℃; 
4.The products meet the latest RoHS standard;


JDC series 12 Pin Connector Power Connector

Product Information
Product model JDC-12Z-01 Female Connector
Mechanical Life 500 times
Insulation Resisitance ≥3000MΩ (normal temperature) ;  ≥100MΩ (damp and hot)
Housing Material PET UL94V-0  Black
Contact Spec 22# 8#
Contact Quantity 8 4
Rated Current 3A 95A
Rated Voltage 500V DC 480V DC
Contact Resistance ≤13mΩ  ≤1mΩ 
Withstand Voltage 500V AC 1500V DC
Surface Finish Gold plated over nickel Silver plated over nickel
Terminal Style Sockets: Crimping (Y);   8# Socket: Screw thread ;   
Pins: PCB Tail(B)
Material Pin,Jack Brass or copper alloy
Crown Spring Beryllium bronze
Working Temperature -40℃ ~ +125


Product Applications


1. Intelligence high frequency switching power supply, communication power supply, electric     power,railway power supply,LED power.
2. UPS systems
3. Contravariant power
4. Drawer low-voltage cabinet etc.


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