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44 Pin VT Female, Vertical, 44PIN MEDLON(MDL)
  • 44 Pin VT Female, Vertical, 44PIN MEDLON(MDL)
44 Pin VT Female, Vertical, 44PIN MEDLON(MDL)


Product Name                                                                                                                                   Female,Vertical,44PIN

Product Name


Selected by customer


Quantity of Pin hole in the housing is 44,22PIN at A row & B row, Customer could choose the number and the position of contacts,A&B row has 1-22 Pins from left to right, The distance between two rows contact tail is 5.08mm

Product Application

Contact Pitch is 2.54mm, contact tail: through hole, mating with 1.60±0.20mm  thickness PCB gold finger, used in the PCB connection of communications equipment, precision instrumentcomputer etc.


Work environment

Operating Temperature  -55~+125(Include 40 temperature rise

Relative  Humidity 40℃,90-95%

Air pressure 40KPa

Vibration10~500Hz 100m/s²

Shock Acceleration300m/ s²


Mian Technical Parameters

Rated Current3A20℃)

Contact Resistance:≤25mΩ

lnsulation Resistance:≥1000MΩ    

Voltage Rating  300V AC

Withstand Voltage750V

Mechanical Life500 times

Insertion Force Per Pin 2N    withdraw force Per PIN1.2N


Part Number System


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