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  • MDL JYP-F0804B-VT01R  (MEDLON)
  • MDL JYP-F0804B-VT01R  (MEDLON)
  • MDL JYP-F0804B-VT01R  (MEDLON)
  • MDL JYP-F0804B-VT01R  (MEDLON)
  • MDL JYP-F0804B-VT01R  (MEDLON)

Powerblade connector: 8P +4SFemale: VerticalMale: Right anglePower pin's current: 40A/pinSignal pin's current: 2.5A/pin


Medlon JYP-0804B  male female power blade telecom connector 
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Product Information
Product model   JYP-F0804B-VT01R
Contact Type Female
Contact Power contact Signal contact
Contact quantity 4 8
Pitch 6.35mm 2.54mm
Rated current 40A 2.5A
Rated voltage 250V 60V
Withstand voltage 1000VDC/min 2500VDC/min
Insulation resisitance 10000MΩ min 500MΩ min
Contact resistance 2mΩ max 20mΩ max
Material:  Housing: PPA , UL94V-0, Black
                Power contact:High conductivity copper alloy,partial or all gold plating
                Signal contact:Phosphor bronze,partial or all gold plating
Operating Environment
Operating Temperature: -40 to 125℃ (including 40℃ temperature rise)
Relative Humidity: 95%(40℃)
Vibration: 20~500Hz, 490m/s2
Shock: Acceleration 490m/s2 

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1.The longest length of the product can be at148mm, customers can arbitrarily match the number of power contact and signal contact and the position of empty PIN according to demand.
2.Our factory can design and develop products according to customer needs (such as: short welding feet, high rubber core, etc.)



Product Application


JYP series products are mainly used in power distribution system for UPS, servers, storage enclosure, communication equipment , LED power supply, famous POWER SUPPLY power connector etc.

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