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JDC-5Z-001 & JDC-5T-001
  • JDC-5Z-001 & JDC-5T-001
  • JDC-5Z-001 & JDC-5T-001
  • JDC-5Z-001 & JDC-5T-001
  • JDC-5Z-001 & JDC-5T-001
  • JDC-5Z-001 & JDC-5T-001
  • JDC-5Z-001 & JDC-5T-001
JDC-5Z-001 & JDC-5T-001

JDC-5Z-001 and JDC-5T-001 are advanced electronic control modules designed for precision control in industrial and automation applications. These modules offer a wide range of customizable functions, making them suitable for various settings, including manufacturing, robotics, and machinery automation. With their robust design and high-performance capabilities, JDC-5Z-001 and JDC-5T-001 provide reliable and efficient control solutions for complex industrial processes.


High current 5 Pin 80A 1000V AC Drawer Type AC Charging Pole Module Connector  board to board connector

Product Information


   Main Technical Parameters    

  • Product Model: JDC-5T-001 & JDC-5Z-001
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Mechanical Life: 200 times
  • Spec: Φ5.72
  • Rated Current: 80A
  • Voltage Curren: 1000V AC
  • Withstand Voltage: 3000V  AC (Normal)
  • Insulation Resistance: ≥3000MΩ (Normal)
  • Contact Resistance: ≤0.75mΩ
  • Surface Finish: Plated Silver or Gold


  • Housing Material: PET , UL94V-0, Black 
  • Pin and Jack: Brass 
  • Crown Spring: Beryllium bronze

      Operating Environment     

  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 125℃ 

JDC-5Z-001 board to board connector

JDC-5T-001 board to board connector


       Welcome to ask for the drawing and send your requirments    


  • At present the optional terminal styles include crimping ,solder cup ,PCB tail and thread.
  • New design connectors are welcome to be ordered.

Product Application


  1. Intelligence high frequency switching power supply, communication power supply, electric power supply, railway power supply, LED power supply, 5G equimpent
  2. UPS systems/Power unit /big capacity power cabinet
  3. Contravariant power
  4. Drawer low-voltage cabinet etc.

    What are the most important functions of the JDC-5T-001 board to board connector?
    The JDC-5T-001 board-to-board connector serves several crucial functions in electronics and technology applications. Its primary functions include establishing electrical connections between separate circuit boards, facilitating the transfer of signals and data between these boards, and enabling power distribution. These connectors play a vital role in ensuring seamless communication and functionality within electronic devices, making them an integral component in industries like consumer electronics, telecommunications, industrial automation, and more. The reliability, durability, and performance of the JDC-5T-001 connector are essential for maintaining the overall effectiveness and efficiency of electronic systems.

    How to install the JDC-5T-001 connector? Do you need technical expertise?
    The installation process for the JDC-5T-001 connector can vary depending on its specific design and intended use. Generally, it involves aligning and connecting the pins of the connector with the corresponding receptacles on the circuit boards. Some connectors are designed for easy installation and may feature tool-less mechanisms, while others might require specific tools and assembly steps. The level of technical expertise needed for installation also depends on the connector's design and the complexity of the application. In some cases, basic knowledge of electronics and connections may suffice, while more complex installations may require the expertise of a technician or engineer. Always refer to the MEDLON documentation or guidelines for detailed installation instructions and safety precautions.

    What kind of connections between circuit boards can the JDC-5T-001 connector support?
    The JDC-5T-001 connector supports a variety of connections between circuit boards, including both signal and power connections. It is designed to establish electrical connections between separate PCBs (printed circuit boards) in electronic devices, allowing for the transfer of data, signals, and power between these boards. These connectors can facilitate complex interconnections and are commonly used in applications such as consumer electronics, industrial equipment, and computer systems to enable seamless communication and functionality between different circuit boards within a device.

    What type of connector is the JDC-5Z-001 board to board connector?
    The JDC-5Z-001 is a board-to-board connector, which means it is designed to connect two separate circuit boards or PCBs together. The specific type of connector, whether it's a socket, header, or other variant, would depend on the detailed specifications and design of the JDC-5Z-001 connector,Board-to-board connectors come in various styles and configurations, each with its own set of features and applications.

    How many pins does the JDC-5Z-001 board to board connector have?
    The number of pins in the JDC-5Z-001 board-to-board connector can vary depending on its specific design and configuration. Board-to-board connectors come in a wide range of sizes and pin counts to accommodate various applications and requirements. To determine the exact number of pins in the JDC-5Z-001 connector, it is advisable to refer to the MEDLONdocumentation or product specifications, as the pin count can vary from one model to another.

    What electronic equipment is the JDC-5Z-001 board to board connector suitable for?
    The JDC-5Z-001 board-to-board connector is suitable for a wide range of electronic equipment and devices. Its versatility makes it a valuable component in applications such as consumer electronics, computer systems, networking equipment, industrial machinery, automotive electronics, and more. These connectors are used to establish electrical connections between circuit boards or PCBs within electronic devices, enabling data and signal transmission, power distribution, and control functions. Their compatibility with various electronic equipment makes them an essential component in modern technology and manufacturing.


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