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JDC-25Z-001 & JDC-25T-001
  • JDC-25Z-001 & JDC-25T-001
JDC-25Z-001 & JDC-25T-001

JDC series 25 pin (6P+15S+4P)  rectangular female male power modular connector wire to wire power connecotor



JDC series 25 pin rectangular female male power modular connector wire to wire power connector


Product Information
Product model   JDC-25Z-001  Female Connector
JDC-25T-001  Male Connector
Mechanical Life 1000 times
Insulation Resisitance ≥1000MΩ
Housing Material PET UL94V-0  Black
Contact Spec Signal contact
Power contact
Contact Quantity 15
Rated Current/Rated Voltage 5A/60V AC 35A/500V AC
Contact Resistance ≤6.7mΩ  ≤1.6mΩ 
Withstand Voltage 500V AC 1500V
Surface Finish Gold plated over nickel Silver plated over nickel
Terminal Style Crinmping (Y),PCB Tail(B),Solder Cup (H)
Material Pin,Jack Brass or copper alloy
Crown Spring Beryllium bronze
Working Temperature -40℃ ~ +125℃

25 pin power connector

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Product Applications


1. Intelligence high frequency switching power supply, communication power supply, electric     power,railway power supply,LED power.
2. UPS systems
3. Contravariant power
4. Drawer low-voltage cabinet etc.


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