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MDL(MEDLON)EV AC Charging Gun for Car
  • MDL(MEDLON)EV AC Charging Gun for Car
MDL(MEDLON)EV AC Charging Gun for Car

GB AC charge gun (16A): EV-M0502AC-CL021
GB AC charge gun (32A): EV-M0502AC-CL022
GB exchange charge gun (without Lan on the box 16A): EV-M0502AC-CL011un (32A): EV-M0502AC-CL022National standard AC rechargeable gun (no box 16A): EV-M0502AC-CL011

This series of AC charging gun designed according to GB / T 20234.2-2015 suitable for electric vehicle charging conduction;

Product appearance, with superior protection performance, the use of materials flame retardant, environmental protection, abrasion resistance, weather resistance, impact resistance, high oil resistance, UV resistance.

Operating Temperature


Mechanical  Life

10000 times

Protection grade


Housing Material





Voltage rating

250V AC

Rated Current


Contact Resistance


Insulation impedance


Withstand  Voltage

≥2500V AC

Insertion force


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