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Board to board connectors with extended warranty

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Board to board connectors with extended warranty can be guaranteed through the wiring harness design of the connector plug. The circuit board provides insulation connection between cores through transparent film.

We have a very complete system, including terminal blocks, PC sockets, cable sockets, and a complete quality control system.

Injection molding, filler injection molding, rubber injection molding, medical connectors.

Focusing on the research and development, production, and sales of spring pin connectors and spring clip connectors. Having its own patent, it has achieved standardization, serialization, and openness. Committed to becoming your ideal partner.

Product Description: Ultra Long Life Insertion and Pullout Force Testing Machine Non standard Customized Injection Life Testing Surface Treatment Terminal Plating Life Testing Connector Metal Plating Life Testing Connector Multifunctional Bayonet Point to Line Compression Contact Spring Tensile Strength.

Pogo pin connector double row Pogo pin spring pin single pin connector elastic force application test continues with the spring type positioning column.

Single row Pogo pin connector Spring pin Double row Pogo pin connector Factory direct sales.

● mm spacing, single row built-in spring, 500 VDC STN curved needle sleeve.

● In double row built-in pogo pin connector with special manufacturing process for crimping, with a maximum current of 100A.

150 mm spacing, single row built-in, pin diameter up to 500 W.

254 H=150 mm spacing, double row adjustable, 13S misalignment.

X 25mm spacing, single row 90 degree series, fixed connectors.

M spacing, single row 180 SMT, sealed connector, embedded structure.

M Pitch line to board with a spacing of 33 mm, floating plug-in, and V-line to board connectors.

Memory card SIM connectors, wholesale of memory card connectors, manufacturer of memory card connectors.

XDMBD withdrawal DIN connector knife union plug DigiRar low-frequency circular printed circuit board interface.

Small 40mm spacing connector XSL36-3P DDR40 memory slot - DDR5 memory slot.

XSL36 small 8-bit XSL4 base+2 fully plastic shell connectors shipped from Shenzhen XSL5K connector price.

Heavy load connector XSL25K08 spacing double row 8pin connector SMT88x connector price.

XSL achieves maximum application efficiency through strict management of temperature and vibration, as well as a unique locking system.

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