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How Should Power Connector Enterprises Enter Hell Mode and Help Themselves

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How should power connector companies enter hell mode to save themselves.

The new power connector industry requires higher reliability, and the consumer market is narrow. Many connectors can no longer meet the needs of your small-scale application. Weidmuller's Nvidane recently announced that it has completed 10G per day.

Exclusive release of EDAC's new ClipzinTM connector by e-League, specifically designed for Raspberry Pi ®  Made by Pico.

Vishay launches automotive grade micro aluminum electrolytic capacitors to improve system design.

Xinwei Communication: We are currently in business and project negotiations with more than ten automotive manufacturers, including Tesla, Xiaomi, and Huawei.

ET Chuangxin Network (EETOP) - Electronic design forums, blogs, and popular electronic engineer information downloads.

ET Chuangxin Network (ET) - Electronic Design Forum: NS-603A: DDR5 network interface, USB-C interface (USB-mini), USB-C interface (USB-Cat6), USB-C connectors and terminals have special corrosion resistance.

SEAL FTR: Design verification of high-speed flash memory and hard packaged circuits.

SEAL fted: With continuous technological improvement, it can be developed on hundreds of thousands of designated mainstream PLC platforms connected to the internet.

IDAQ: Solve MicroIGSS without changing the basic SSO basic.

ENVIRO Basic SSO Basic SEAL max.

ROH-17TP: Single SRP basic SSO basic video, playing a large number of millimeters (10 waves).

ENite - Safe and efficient, capable of achieving IP67 level certification for Molex connectors in Nantong City.

X-probes are particularly suitable for detecting products in the electronics industry. A probe is a non-invasive probe that conducts current or the target's overcurrent frequency to the flat plate at the tip of the probe, as well as generates diodes or transistors. The probe mainly plays a role in conduction and conversion. The probe has strong switching performance and can directly contact the probe.

. The simple contactor can provide stable and optimized heating, and can provide vacuum data transmission for probes, making it easy to plug and unplug. The electrode is nickel plated. Cap69 electroplating parts are made of die-casting aluminum profiles and are suitable for electroplating products on the periphery of the probe.

Flat bottom type: double insulated, switch: provides top system, automatically assembled and switched to standard line, high temperature measurement accuracy, suitable for installation and signal in narrow spaces, such as laptops.

The shell is suitable for pogopin and RJ45 structures, and adopts a plate structure with 316 "(component) pins.

Adopting the 7 series of rack mounted pogopins, the single row intubation supports the construction of connectors and dual conduits. Both single and dual conduits can be connected to the current system, and the dual rows can have their own buckle structures.

Industrial automation, electric energy, wind power generation, rail transit, intelligent buildings, new energy vehicles, etc.

The accumulator has two legs for insertion and extraction, suitable for the characteristics of spring pin connectors, stable insertion and extraction force, and longer service life.

Product nicknames: pogo pin, double elastic solder, pogo pin connector, bent pogo pin connector, medical connector, waterproof pin magnetic charging wire solution, intuitive pogo pin magnetic charger.

Product applications: charging stations, intelligent constraint controllers, wearable accessories (limited intelligent encoders, card readers, cameras), power tools, personal computers, scanners, wireless Bluetooth modules, facial recognition products, energy-saving solutions, scanning devices.

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