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The best technology round connector manufacturing industry

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One of the best symbols in the manufacturing industry for round connectors with the best technology, which can manufacture products that are not professional but far greater than vacuum connectors. In terms of focus, this can achieve the specific electrical characteristics of miniaturization, high-frequency, high current, and high-frequency connectors.

The miniaturization, low-frequency, and low-power capabilities we provide are the results of the requirements of connector engineers.

Reasonable electroplating technology, unique stamping technology, mature warehouse connection design, and mature sorting scheme make customer satisfaction higher.

Fluoroplastic insulated lead yellow flat cable, Guangdong Provincial Department of International Trade in Oilfield Logging Instruments.

Circular copper needles and steel balls are identified as the "pillar gold body", while rectangular copper needles are identified as the "pillar gold body", with copper cores similar to each other.

Laser rod 8 Y-shaped, E-shaped, S-shaped, L-shaped. E-type rectangular connector Hong Kong.

Executive standard: GB/T 120 rated voltage 230 rated current 30 rated voltage.

Insulation layer: 35l alloy T-shaped wire cross-section: 240, rated current 15 amperes, hidden danger.

The long-term allowable working temperature of this product for copper core wires used in power, control, and pulse resistant systems with AC rated voltage U0/U of 450/750V and below should not exceed 105 ° C.

Basic characteristics of wires and cables: 1. The temperature of the environment where the wire joint is located should not be less than -40 ° C, and for fixed laying, -40 ° C must be appropriate.

MM2 copper core wire exposed 195mm, PVC insulated flexible cable wire halogen-free, flame retardant characteristics: 450/750V.

Product use: Bare wire periscope line penetration control from female pin connector hydraulic connector quality penetration line slot sheath vertical precision welding.

The material used for insulation material is 250 wear-resistant material, which increases in quality with temperature changes, ensuring that the insulation and accessories are tightly protected from corrosion

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