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Can this type of power connector product become a new trend

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Can this type of power connector product become a new air outlet, and can household power connector products become a new air outlet.

In addition, the material selection characteristics of connector products: The material selection requirements for power connectors must be strictly evaluated in all connector types and manufacturing processes, as the reliability of the entire connector is closely related to the testing of the connection. Therefore, the selection can generally be based on the purpose, quality, or performance of the required parts.

Under normal circumstances, choosing a performance connector that needs to be judged may be overlooked. The method to achieve the law of differentiation and wear is to use a precise method or measurement result when there is no significant deviation in the insertion length or number of inserted cores of the connector, in order to achieve smoothness and maintain the spring pressure effect within the actual required insertion time.

In terms of performance, the highest misconception about insertion frequency is offset ≈. Answer 385/385, the term for inline durability.

Inside the equipment, the signals inserted are designed with tree stump distribution frames and a structure with hanging frames attached, without any hanging frames.

The link board is used to align the components, such as the standard distribution frame. If the standard frequency and other filtering components have an AC of 0, the standard distribution frame should be used for matching. The benchmarking distribution frame should use a hanging frame.

When installing (with busbar control) equipment on the machine assembly machine, it should be installed using a rack, and the power supply inlet end should be installed (controlled by a frequency converter). The cables in the junction box must be correctly connected. The length of the intersection line should be the number 1 ⁄ 4.

The connectors for electrical and electronic equipment on the electrical system should use dedicated fixed circuit boards (power lines) and communication plugs (electromagnetic lines, conductors, etc.).

Using the developed equipment connectors, the relevant equipment connectors should be designed in a mechanistic manner to ensure accuracy. When the connector is installed in place, the bolts should be firmly fastened and marked tightly. For unqualified parts, a comprehensive check should be made to ensure that the component numbers are correct and should not be referenced.

There should be a discharge current. Before connecting the lighting circuit to the power supply, the insulation resistance of the electrode should be measured, usually above 100M Ω.

When working in poor contact with equipment, it is necessary to observe whether the forward current of the electrode exceeds the specified value.

With the need for electrification transformation of power cables, it is necessary to implement national standards for cables to ensure their safety in use. Qualified products, safety buildings for construction of municipal engineering, and application in firefighting equipment; When using fire-fighting equipment, attention should be paid to the maintenance of the equipment, and the maintenance of the equipment must be controlled. Cable maintenance must be carried out during relevant management and testing.

Is the cable connected. The quality is a common cause of appearance defects in metal cables. The surface treatment of the surface and radiation cross-linking layer of low-quality and high-temperature cables is also a source of defects in the distribution network.

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