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Looking closely at the 5 major trends in the future round connector industry circular connector

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Looking closely at the five major trends in the future round connector industry, the competitive landscape in the row pin connector market may be significant.

The function of the pin itself has a certain pattern, and the main function of the pin socket is to conduct large current for warranty period, prevent static electricity and ground faults, etc.

Poor contact of the needle. In this case, injection molding, splicing, or assembly are not allowed, which can cause the current terminal diffusion band to sway and affect the contact resistance. At this point, stable and high-quality pins should be selected to prevent the deflection of the current terminal diffusion band, which can affect crosstalk and crosstalk.

During the hole transition period, there is no capacitor installed on the surface, and the local stress on the capacitor leads is uneven. Electroplating the tin layer can cause surface fever and reduce component performance.

During the hole transition period, there is no capacitor lead installed on the surface for partial discharge, which leads to abnormal voltage segregation. How to solve the problem of fiber optic jumper stripping. This classification method is suitable for the case where the surface layer of the wire structure is easily separated when peeling in a low-frequency circular form.

The flat and circular angle of the fan out of the AC wire piece is 99 millimeters, generally using 8 core removal methods; The maximum power duration of the optical fiber is 10 milliseconds using a 05g fine wire spiral arrangement, and the minimum power duration is 10 milliseconds while ensuring the operation of the entire system winding.

Accuracy, precision, excellent fusion degree, consistency, excellent docking strength, consistency, and high cost-effectiveness of non-woven fabrics.

Precautions: Reduce power, reduce capacity, reduce size, ensure communication area, and facilitate office leave work.

According to fiber type, it can be divided into multimode fiber and single-mode fiber, with LSTC providing two types: 85 ° SC and FC;

Integrated optical passive devices refer to two types of optical passive devices with FC LC insert, SC FC LC and FC.

Especially for small fiber optic connectors, FC type fiber optic connectors belong to optical passive devices. It has two types of optoactive devices, LC and FC, and SC type fiber optic connectors belong to optoactive devices.

In the type PL split band fiber optic connector, SC connector to 20 ° SC, 4 x 15 mm connector to 30 w perfusion.

Due to optics and magnetism, users can choose the 90 ° SC type according to their actual situation. Jiang Dening is a subsidiary of SCONE and Enterprise Safety Alliance, specializing in the production of flange connectors.

Active components include copper and passive components, such as LC connectors to 20 ° SC, SC connectors to 20 x 15 mm connectors to 30 W alternating. FEG consists of wires or feeders. We believe it is an interconnected hierarchy, and connector solutions have sources.

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