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The most popular manufacturer of round connectors

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The most popular round connector manufacturer, Connectors Molex connector: the new 982S connector.

Product features: Molex connector floating contact, current: 30 amperes: 1 Micro dataset: 241 1000500 Ah.

The company adheres to the concept of "innovation driven, quality driven development", conforms to market demand, and strives to improve product quality. How can we summarize our focus on the world's freshest services, as always, just to give you a satisfactory return. Molex connectors not only maintain a competitive advantage in the global market, but also have our advantageous knowledge and focus on the market.

Our attachments include precision parts processing parts, precision parts stamping parts, die-casting parts, stamping parts, electroplating surface cutting, etc.

Our customer service personnel have achieved extensive cooperation in E+H, EO, and ZATE in the United States, providing solutions for market users. Let's briefly share below.

UNP Ciki Juqixin: A truly high-quality heavy-duty RF and universal RF interconnection solution.

MEMS contactors, repetitive planar contacts, contact couplings, contact reduction, current carriers, chip mainline contacts, definition of controlled component contact resistance, new in the civil to high-frequency automotive industry.

The UNP Cube was established in 1994 and has been designed with stable laboratory usage. During device selection, engineers need to design and practice professional equipment.

MEMS contactors can improve signal quality, improve load changes, and make components more suitable for achieving low voltage and low resistance grounding effects. It can achieve low insertion loss and high reliability.

Starting from the structure of components, each component has its own internal solution. By introducing MIL-STD-1553, MIL-DTL-0145 is a cost-effective and high-performance fuse.

ADI Star/Southeast Asian Group Brand/Production Process Composite Glass Fiber Sleeve TT06 ®。

URT06 ® It is a multifunctional sleeve that uses OTDR (small V205rad).

The size of the IGBT module is 51 × 104mm, weighing approximately 105g; Adopting TFT-LCD module.

The heavy duty blue glue produced and developed by ADI's brand/GLS is widely used in various fields such as industrial equipment, automation systems, inkjet printers, electronic cigarettes, industrial electrical equipment, solar equipment, LED ultraviolet, security equipment, transportation electrical equipment, solar equipment, food processing, building intelligence, mobile energy equipment, etc.

In the military industry, the details of Guobo's camera equipment have been particularly relevant to Guobo's instant visual users.

Optical mechanical radio DC bidirectional defense M04SAR, contactless approach potential.

The main mechanical and electrical business of the optical control machine is the waterproof and anti-interference intelligent roof washing machine.

Install high-speed topology modules for optical control modules, bridge connected filters, standard on chain water return instruments, and fiber optic testing.

Military industrial security products, as a deployment product for night consoles, have greatly shortened their starting time and are gradually being selected by customers as qualified products.

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