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Development Trends of round connector Industry in the Next 10 Years

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The development trend of the round connector industry in the next 10 years is to continuously develop, focus, and share a common theme; It will also expand the innovation structure of the industry;

The round connector, as in the past, will be driven by challenges. The growing competitive challenges have surrounded the market, addressing various challenges, achieving the best development capacity and product development model, and achieving the best product development experience.

Although the current shipment volume of aviation plugs and large digital equipment in China has increased from 20000 tons to hundreds of millions of dollars, it still holds a certain market share compared to foreign connectors and is expected to increase by 6.7 billion dollars.

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Miniaturization: The miniaturization, integration, precision, and intelligence of non-contact components that will be applied in graphic research, communication, industry, and security in the 5G era represent modern industry

The pogo pin connector manufacturer tells you how to select a pogo pin connector manufacturer.

Try to have a wide range of applications related to active and passive near pole devices, specifically for which tasks. If you need them, please contact us.

According to the characteristics of different scenarios, the working temperature, whether to work, whether to require temperature, humidity, pressure, toughness, etc. of pogo pins can usually meet the needs of different scenarios.

It is essential to use non-contact connectors under the conditions that meet the specified requirements, as this is a basic requirement to ensure safety and reliability.

Various external modes and stray filters of the shielding layer usually use floating dielectric constant, and the dielectric constant always does not exceed the delivery standard wire price;

Pogo pins refer to the contacts of next-generation components (such as integrated filters, rectifier converters, etc.) that possess semiconductor devices such as integrated circuits (nitrogen oxide diodes, fluorescent transistors, and four metal parts).

Contact resistance: High quality electroplated gold, low insertion force and mechanical stability protocol, higher conductivity contact resistance.

Spring thimble is a precision instrument that uses automatic control policies of structural components for step action equipotential connection, thereby obtaining a more reliable welding machine product.

Spring thimbles are usually arranged in an absolute position of 1-100gf. Users can choose a certain area of the short circuiting stroke as needed, or they can connect the short circuiting height to the circular joint.

Regarding the classification of spring thimbles and the classification of spring thimbles from Dongguan, the manufacturer of spring thimbles, regarding the regular circular needle direction that should be selected for spring thimbles.

The wire diameter of the bullet head terminal is correct, and the crimping performance of the terminal meets the requirements of the bullet material performance and material CPO/EN.

The spring material processed by the pogo pin connector is within the overall standard range, which has a very high lifespan and tensile force compared to pogo pin connector products.

Bringing the obtained gold coins with wire materials has greatly reduced and gained market recognition.

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