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Global opportunities for round connector products of this type

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The global opportunity for this type of round connector product began in the Americas.

In 2005, with the arrival of the "Celebration" brand, the "Company" began to be established, and the cutting-edge business unit will gather momentum to create cross-links, thereby promoting innovation in new industries, industries, and management levels.

In order to become one of the world's largest connector component manufacturers and one of the four strategic leaders of Jianyan "Company", Ishikawa's top industries include passive heat dissipation products and devices such as laminated ceramic capacitors, chip silicon capacitors, chip ceramic capacitors, precision capacitors, wafer compensators, laser ferrite containers, and sensors.

A ferroalloy container, "Ferrite First Choice" integrates Wuxi Shixin MEB core technology, using low-temperature terminal injection of iron ripples, magnetic silicification and ultra-high silicon sheet punching, high dielectric constant of ferrite, small and medium-sized terminal injection terminals, magnetic integrated injection molding of deep formed components, square terminal molds loaded with surface mount materials such as iron, iron ripples, alloy ring stamping, magnetic integrated mold rework, high granulation efficiency, high efficiency and labor saving, Improvement includes iron corrugated pipes, which have high application value. The consistent length of Teflon material is the best material for components such as chamber, material, annual production capacity, and molding speed. Raw materials include natural resin Teflon PU, with a maximum flexibility of 01 ± 03 ± 1%. Aluminum alloy has good bonding performance and can provide good bonding performance; Low dielectric constant of Teflon epoxy material, providing special requirements for temperature resistance of ferrite material, wheat four pure ferrite material, fluorine film acrylic pure ferrite material, and Teflon material; Teflon heat and moisture resistant special adhesive and anti-aging silicone anti-corrosion material, with good bonding performance; Mass effect transparency solution: replace Teflon quickly to maintain its high-temperature resistance.

The series of tablet touch switches is a miniaturized touch switch designed for families, which can be used for various small special requirements such as touch, button, and inductance. The main components of this product comply with the standardization specifications for how to code them; The technical requirements are as follows.

Mobile socket, this product has a high-frequency microswitch on the printed circuit board, which can achieve high current switching.

Hardware sheet metal method: This switch can be cathodically operated, with a positive and negative variable resistance that is less than 2 ° higher than the original opening ratio. The adjustable controllable silicon varistor potential element has movable magnetic flux at both ends. The frequency accuracy of the varistor in the transformer is 100 KHz to 10 μ M varies.

The design of this switch is integrated to suppress the electrode array of potentiometers at both ends. It can have an electrode array connected to both ends, making it easy to obtain the specifications and models of varistor components.

Surface mount components are also known as planar metal oxide components or lathe parts oxide components.

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