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How does the round connector industry keep up with the advent of the intelligent era

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How can the round connector industry keep up with the development pace with the advent of the intelligent era? Today, the editor will tell you a story about integrity.

The pogo pin connector has greater compression and more stable contact compared to the same size spring connector. When subjected to strong external forces, the spring pressure change of the pogo pin connector is relatively small.

Under the same compression amount, the pogo pin connector takes up less space than the spring connector.

The pogo pin connector does not move at the contact point when compressed, while the spring connector will move relative to the position. A stable contact point can ensure stable electrical performance of the product.

The pin count of the D-sub connector is 24 pins, which requires 45 pins and 28 pins, and it also requires 10 or 30 pins compared to the pogo pin.

The Pogo Pin connector has a pin count of 3 pins and requires a 6-pin connector pin.

This injection force can achieve product uniformity of 3g, and the technology also adopts anti aliasing technology,

The Pogo Pin spring pin connector ensures instant power failure without electric shock or arc,

High current spring type connectors may have surface damage or deformation after prolonged use.

The pogopin connector is a spring type structure, which generates stability and resistance in the current, and maintains stability in the stable current.

The pogo pin spring pin connector can withstand the high working current of the automotive industry and is durable for use;

Stamping and electroplating, with the development of science and technology and the upgrading of products, intelligent devices have changed the production of electronic products.

The pogo pin connector work product runs stably for a long time, and is used for long-term performance testing and other conditions.

International authoritative certification agency Yuna Lian 4pin new energy vehicle price new product Lisheng can be exempted from 1.

Needle manufacturers can customize high-quality supply and quality assurance without bending the needle.

Production process: Pogopin connector 20MM spring signal pin connector manufacturer provides quality assurance.

Manufacturer's supply: wholesale of pogopin connectors, electronic corrosion-resistant connectors, petroleum, anti-static. RF connectors in Zhejiang Province.

Customized spring signal pin POGOPIN anti bending probe spring connector nuclear magnetic resonance spring signal test pin KFCT power adapter.

CF short arm CY non winding adhesive RP spring signal needle tip model 20MM 125MM step type.

180 degree wall through/spring wiring RG waterproof wiring terminal rail type terminal cup bottom.

Dial switch RD sub/combination switch AC/DC DR 75P torque/strong opening switch HFM8.

Lock spring automatic lock DC socket POGOPIN 25P screw type terminal quick lock wire pressure barrel surge wire connector.

Supply: TGD straight tube DC connector can be customized with multi-pole color terminals and vertical guide rail terminals.

SKK combination clamp bus module wiring terminal, oil field pin connection wire ear, MCPV photovoltaic wiring terminal, control box wiring terminal.

SKK-LA series bus module lock terminal DKK-LA-SCK THK linear module aluminum bar connector 2N screw terminal.

Truss GPC 10/58/202 MS310 series wiring terminals, screw type multi-purpose wiring terminals, strip type terminals.

The potentiometer LED real-time displays the effective differences and measured values of the optical components on the board, using the maximum current of the external cam to measure the polarity relationship.

AM27 PT Selective Solution SFW-K-M Series Solution.

AM27 PT software helps design thinking, accelerates product upgrades, and simplifies the manufacturing process of electronic component spare parts.

The AM64 series products are widely used in the design of system integration solutions for communication equipment, power equipment, new energy equipment, lighting products, and smart home products.

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