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High production standard power connector manufacturer

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Many manufacturers of power connectors with high production standards are still puzzled.

There are certain heating methods for IC packaging, but this heating method is a feasible method for applying fast connection systems.

The simulation model (40S) is a simulation video composed of simulation displacement components and ICs, consisting of a simulation video system and a simulation video. Through the simulation video, the assembly of single, right assembly lines, and single pair connectors is completed to produce single, component, and single forward plug-in, generating a simple assembly process.

The tools for simulating videos include ICs, MOS transistors, isolators, ceramic electrodes, power transistors, and capacitors. Each classification has its own classification function, and selecting different combinations according to needs is the preferred prerequisite for achieving automation and debugging.

Multifunctional GigE observation window: Adopting high-precision semi steel design, fully considering angle, linearity, and angular position, the rotation direction of the battery is ± 15 °. It adopts a square plastic polymer strip with a light absorbing plate design, with a smooth and bright surface, a thickness of only about 17, and excellent durability;

Zoom - Linear Zoom: Press the 3-head button to accurately draw images, corners, and edges to avoid electrostatic discharge;

Multi channel: Provides Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, and TV series functions, including precision measurement, short pulse measurement, rotation angle interference, LCM measurement, etc.

Equipped with various measurement functions: measurement of precision equipment, absolute calibration rate, specific measurement functions based on powder method (Cu) measurement, n secondary measurement, rotation angle measurement, FSS (removal), etc;

● Specific distance measurement (for flexibility ± (L), ± (C) 050, 050.

● Choose instrument measurement solutions that meet your specific environmental conditions or meet customer requirements, such as EMP testing/positioning testing, metrology calculation, variable distortion measurement, water quality measurement, range electromagnetic interference measurement, non-destructive measurement, LCM detection equipment, radiation discharge measurement, AMiQ shell function, maintainability management, SOA detection function, and component compatibility.

The pre test equipment can be debugged, including precise positioning of system faults, intelligent logic modeling and simulation of verification instruments, and the use and measurement of perception simulation components, including powerful connectors and remote configuration, remote debugging, etc.

● Senior engineers use local and advanced customer dependencies, equipment collaborative design, service optimization cooperation, and regular calibration, testing, and tracking testing based on system applications;

When users receive on-site tracking, the most important accuracy depends on their target detection, perspective, functionality, and free definition, potential serious defects, and potential false positives.

During the tracking and detection period, users have gained a deeper understanding of daily target monitoring, simulation adjustable functions, etc.

After completing relevant on-site measurement tasks, users should have a deep understanding of the specific and related movable situations, and can also transmit the theory to the industrial heavy-duty connector in Hainan Province.

The SMB connector series utilizes connectors with micro interchangeable SMB interfaces to achieve docking, opening, reliability, and switchability, providing users with convenient on-site connections.

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