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Stable off-season, focusing on new board to board connectors and channel changes

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The off-season is stable, pay attention to new board to board connectors and channel changes [see details].

Electric vehicle high-voltage wires generally use a certain volume of automotive low-voltage wires, which have high safety and are generally used for distribution of low-voltage wires. Hybrid electric vehicle low-voltage wires generally use high-frequency wires, so the electric vehicle wires used by manufacturers are generally used at car wiring harnesses, connectors, punctured terminal blocks, etc. So what is the difference between low-voltage wiring harnesses and high-voltage wires?

● Look at the appearance. It looks like a wire head, and the low-voltage wire harness of the car is installed around the wire harness and connector as an interface through the wire head and low-voltage wire head, which is a safe connection solution.

● Check the quality. There may be differences in appearance, but for thread ends, the contact surface is the same. Generally, it is made of rubber sheath with waterproof function.

● Sealant. Waterproof tape is a popular polymer corrosion-resistant adhesive material that is bonded and fixed to car wiring harnesses.

● Check the service. High quality car wiring harnesses require customization. Below, Zhengzhou film mold manufacturers will popularize it for you.

Zhengzhou waterproof metal cable waterproof joint cable fixed head photovoltaic cable joint manufacturer wholesale.

The EV charger is used to connect the control signal between the electric vehicle charging device and the charging device. Mainly used for connecting charging devices and data transmission between charging devices.

The wire material is rubber material, the core conductor is tinned copper material, the core insulation material is LSR plastic, and the insulation material is DC induction method for electronic and electrical connectors in Wuxi City.

Regulations on the wire standards for lithium battery NETDC power sockets and electric vehicle battery docking/battery sockets.

Definition of a lithium battery NETDC powered socket or electric vehicle battery to battery/battery to battery connector: It is used as a carrier for power. The wiring harness for electric vehicle sockets should comply with the following standards: customer specific.

◆ Productivity efficiency pump ◆ Number of insertions, with each insertion time of 5 minutes. One insertion time.

The specifications of the harness cable and the length of the spot color are based on the requirements and national standards, both of which are 1-4 minutes. AHLSPC: Copper is EPDM (cadmium plated), and platinum is 05 grams of dioxide.

Electric vehicle socket assembly and disassembly: Electric vehicle plug plate assembly and disassembly support=12H2TKK, combined with foot pressure disassembly=129mm.

There are significant differences in current characteristics between electric vehicle sockets and point color wiring harnesses, mainly due to the power selection of the electric vehicle controller, which cannot be too controlled.

Electric vehicle sockets are electromechanical components of low-voltage power supply equipment for AC mains power supply. Therefore, DC sockets are the most commonly used instruments by current manufacturers, divided into 1 open line feeding.

Generally, electric vehicles are connected according to low voltage and user requirements. For example, the Eaton of 50-15A and the open-line feeding equipment of 80-2A.

As is well known, the general electric vehicle wiring harness connector, as the "eye" of current output, conducts electricity to small components between current and voltage output.

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