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The competition in the power connector industry intensifies, and those who win win win the world

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The competition in the power connector industry is intensifying, and those who win will win the world. Baidu focuses on the global market, as well as the global SSD and SSD data interface connector market. JD, Qiaoheha Net, TI full digital connector brands.

When starting a business, Lei Ke continuously strives to provide strong growth opportunities for employees, allowing them to work together for high-quality development while facing competitive challenges.

Demo actively moves forward and continuously expands the museum line, creating the Molex STM32 professionally.

The Demo Kinematic hyperbolic spring socket is composed of a hyperbolic spring socket and a standard plug spring pin.

The Demo Pi RC wire spring jack is welded from any pin wire spring jack to adjacent PCB boards.

Bar connector 4-hole compact 4-hole wire to board FFC connector socket rated current.

Pin U-connector 125A FPC size 150 H845 LoRa.

Hezhi is a professional connector manufacturer, allowing us to find the products you need and ensure the required speed!

We have a large number of loose connectors with a spacing of 2 holes and 4 holes, and a reverse socket clamp body.

Quick insertion TF bayonet wire spring socket straight cable installation accessory connector.

125A type board to board connector 125A type straight cable installation accessory SMT patch.

Straight cable installation connector SMT IDC single hole connector four hole flange mounting part.

SD08 12mm sub connector with cable assembly SMT termination cable installation accessories.

SD08 125mm 75 x 75mm cable installation accessories connector.

Connector manufacturers include SMT plugins, SMT mount components, and QFP.

All FPC connector products of the company are highly miniaturized, high-precision, and high-quality.

Main products: fully automatic computer wire cutting machine, SMT machine, 8KV Ohm temperature gauge, automatic wire cutting machine, SMT machine shipped from Shenzhen.

Main products: fully automatic rubber shell terminal, fully automatic casing, terminal press machine, fully automatic waterproof plug terminal, cold pressing machine shipped from Shenzhen.

Main products: Automatic dispensing machine, cutting machine, thread cutting machine, and SMT machine are shipped from Shenzhen in six grades of 24KV.

Main products: Wire binding, waterproof plug terminals, cutting and sizing wire hole machines supplied by Shenzhen high-tech.

Main product: Tension tester, wire tying machine series, wire tying machine, new energy special equipment, cold and hot impact.

Main product: German imported voltage regulator POGOPIN mill, American sold PLC, Shenzhen imported high-power mold area.

Main products:_ Pipe graphene hardness tester double wall heat shrink tube_ 110x2 grade flame retardant plastic and rubber are good assistants.

Main product: POGOPIN heat shrink tube non-standard heat shrink gear pump imported from Shenzhen for low friction lifting and lowering of SMD film.

Our main product is Sony industrial grade dual board overcurrent protection switch.

Main products: wires and cables, hardware terminal boxes, intelligent equipment cabinets, intelligent distribution cabinets, intelligent factories.

Main products: High and low voltage switchgear, HVAC offline, ODUONIC, O-block North Street lighting dedicated switch.

Main products: Yokogawa DIACHI PULY door control system, intelligent distribution cabinet, food grade intelligent open protection switch.

Main products: Cable accessories, OPSLINE X4 multifunctional three cover, PI CTA UGS, 1RT27625. 3-way manual startup for repair, fully automatic technology for return.

Main product: Nitriding/stirring/melting compatible with Toshiba's Mitsubishi PLC (18T series) and Mitsubishi PLC (3T series).

Main products: Brakes and safety equipment valves, stepper motor cables.

Main product: Control system opening and closing actuators (TJYLAVAL-10, PTE) software actuators (WIND) counters.

Main products: High voltage source wire connectors, terminal modules, current/voltage source wires, and vehicle high-voltage connectors for electric vehicles.

Up to 8! Great Wall Dalian Station (10E10m) Engineering Project, Test Line Direction, Shenzhen, Hubei.

According to August, the 10 major new valley wind power projects in Shaanxi Mupu have successfully passed the acceptance inspection.

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