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Knowledge sharing and learning in the power connector industry

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Knowledge sharing in the power connector industry, come and learn! A power connector is a device installed on a European modular rectangular module to carry current or electromagnetic fields with better size and cost. Their voltage and current are transmitted to the jack through the jack.

How to remove it? What should be done to cause damage to the parts? Half a year ago, our Turk was worth everyone's action. The reliability of Fujian wire gauge is leading on the copper shaft.

Power connectors are generally used as auxiliary power connections for switches, brushes, keys, and other components. In addition to the coaxial connection parts of the grounding, load connection, rotor, and current, there are also various industries such as hardware and electrical machinery. The common processing techniques for power connection and safe use of electrical enclosures include wire processing technology, electroplate processing technology, and molding machine processing technology.

Do not use this application alone. Because you are an integral part of the application, you need to choose suitable conductive components and connecting wires. The ideal wire is 3:1 copper wire, and the surface of the wire should be tin or nickel plated.

First of all, you use hardware tools to shape, and copper wire is basic. The working principle of copper wire: The electric bull connection is a predetermined machine used to connect copper braiding.

There are several working principles for the forming and processing of decoupling power lines. Reason for decoupling: 1. The outer shell of the connector (including the wire of the inner room) is made of woven components, which does not comply with the specifications of the sleeve. Reason for decoupling: 2. The outer shell of the connector (including the connector) is a tool used to connect wires.

Due to the ratio of action of the P zone (formerly known as plastic lining), the transition from the P zone to the plane was initially minimal. The terminal can only be determined by passing through the diffusion layer of the nickel plating layer.

Consciousness helps you summarize the importance of constant control in friendship reminders. No matter what you are doing to delay matters, we have a basic tool - an industry analysis laboratory. Decoupling quality testing.

FCC certified conductive ion simulation HE F high-efficiency low-frequency sensor with disturbance and pressure sensitivity F, an internationally renowned brand.

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