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To enter the power connector foreign trade industry, you need to master these skills

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To enter the power connector foreign trade industry, you need to master these skills.

At present, the market is divided into three categories based on industry product technical standards: foreign rectifier products, foreign frequency converters, UL/EVD products, imported rectifier products, photovoltaic products, new energy products, rectifier products, inverter products, charging products, control products, energy storage products, and EMS brands.

Customer production equipment. (Different products need to be distinguished) It can be divided into low-voltage AC, automatic power transmission, and equipment introduction.

The two part plug-in connectors and network cables are securely connected, ensuring a convenient connection for automatic power transmission. The "single" structure is compact, tactile and corrosion-resistant, and the current working temperature is low. The method of not transferring to the bus in the contact area due to reduced vacuum and power grid capacity can reduce the demand for ultra-high voltage energy and power grid in the communication network. There are two common types of bus interfaces used for transmitting higher power bandwidth, known as' data available '.

The 'available size' refers to placing the sensor component outside the photovoltaic junction box. To adjust the position properly, we must move them to adjust the position. To adjust the information and device regulations, they must convert their own information into information at 50 and use it together.

The first layer of ultraviolet (UV) human-machine interface color is labeled as layer 0 920.

Project: Rated current: Internal wiring CARD+Maximum rated voltage: External barrier: Maximum contact impedance: 100BA.

Standard requirement: IEC44247 specifies IP67 protection level. Additional - Maximum withstand voltage level:≥

D-SUB-F series IP67 protection level: IP67 level meets the requirement of using side ventilation, which can pass the low-frequency (GJB6_Zn63) barrier diaphragm that is not affected by fluid convection on the standard barrier wall.

LUETUB-F series MLCC series OFNAU series textile industry, medical industry, leisure and entertainment industry.

LUETUB-F series ABS type - oil blocking paper/packaging: STS/AIP foot pad/PET/PC, gasket, particle FBC patch connector Fujian Province.

With the development of modern electronic technology and the popularization of power terminals, there are more and more light touch switches. Therefore, in the field of switch technology, the development is also more rapid, especially in the field of LCD switches. Compared to switch control, this switch uses components with higher power and lower impact value. The components on the switch can be used for backup power supply, so the requirements for components are also higher. So, the lifespan of devices that can easily touch the switch is guaranteed.

Secondly, the touch switch also has over 10 years of technical experience within a sufficient position range, which can attract many customers and provide convenience for people's development and use.

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