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High production standard power connector supplier

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High production standard power connector suppliers and designers can provide inter board technical analysis based on your special needs to meet your product needs.

Widely used in various systems such as communication, consumer electronics, detection and transmission, computers, military, locomotive series, and other high-performance, high-precision product signal connectors.

The M12 front lock M15 panel waterproof power connector is mainly used for automotive intelligent lock sensors and logistics tracking sensors, with waterproof performance, corrosion resistance, and other characteristics.

It has waterproof function to ensure the high performance of the entire circuit board. Including double cuts, crutches, current, voltage fidelity, no contact points, high temperature resistance, and so on.

M12 four pin plug board M16 dual parallel horizontal insertion, horizontal plug connector, IP67. There are 5 cores, 6 cores, and 8 cores (7/8).

M12 four pin plug board M16 dual parallel horizontal plug connector, with rear encoding, digit counter, encoding 63 pages, support for sensors and ERCA services.

The first two testing methods allow customers to assemble and select assembly harnesses or connectors at specific stages, and the new PCB connector can take up to 30 working days.

M12 four pin fixed plug board M12 four pin plug board M12 socket bracket, customized touch switch for each M12 threaded connector after release.

M12 inline connector, which can be divided into 20 types (25-30 cores), 5 types (6-16 cores), and 10 types (300-10 cores) based on signal size.

The M12-2 core male connector provides 8-pin, 12-pin, and contact pin numbers that can be customized for our processing. The durable connector is part of the PCB.

All connector specifications for SMA, SM, 2FP, 3G, 4G, and other 5 types of SMA, SM, 2X, SMB, SM, 2FP, SMC, 2W, 3G, etc., which are licensed for mass production, are available on the surface of the product.

Choose 5-core, 6-core connectors for multiple SMAs, and choose from 5-core, 7-core, 8-core, and 10-core options.

-Multi core gold plated contacts have good gold plating characteristics - choose platinum to process the bottom welding milling cutter - the material is P, and strive for 72 hours in the early stage to use your product for 5 kogs.

Product features: The 4-pin fiber optic and encoded NEC 180 ° connector belongs to the category of industrial visual mechanical performance connectors.

Product features: WA4 optical module is a significant feature of industrial driven development and also a trend in e-commerce market applications.

The release of S410E integrated design technology from Jingyuan Technology will provide engineers with supporting solutions and support the latest consumer applications.

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