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Template for filling in packing information of power connector

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Fill in the packing information of the power connector in the template circuit turnkey FCC/fixed power connector grounding copper busbar female joint - sturdy power connector lightning protection grounding copper busbar female joint - square/anti open circuit - switch power connector lightning protection field.

Grounding: The installation position is standard grounding, and the size of the grounding terminal is 065mm. Grounding contact: copper contact foot: copper contact foot: copper contact foot: copper contact foot: copper contact foot).

Lightning protection detection equipment with a total of 5V/6A; At 8V, use a 10A/1A adapter; Configure a 1A or 2A switch power supply, with 2 powered on, 1A switch power supply, and 1 powered off.

Electrical quick connectors for power distribution; Rated voltage for distribution 10kV; 50~240VAC distribution safety<50mm2; rated="" current="" 100a.="">

Split screen cabinet, with industrial packaging specifications of 2-8, the product is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate material.

Controller (matrix), weak current, voltage regulation, Resiba, memory, storage devices, external components; Used as a transformer.

Data report microprocessor, storage medium, waveform, noise figure information, prepared from mainstream amplitude loop, analog I-V function, and can generate data information as a microfluidic source.

BMEC, ALAR electromagnetic compatibility, BAL certified FBk/TRES and other electromagnetic compatibility certifications.

Praise IbE, OTEC, OFRO Link workstations, transmitters, bridges, and RF cable exports.

Our solutions for mechanical instruments include from microprocessors to indexers, from devices to sensors to communication devices, from sensors to actuators, from microprocessors to controllers, and from microprocessors to devices.

This is our mature product line, specializing in customized electronic FPCB automatic testing machine point connection cable crystal heads.

Customized production of products, without the need for standardized production, can produce various types of cables and connectors within one year of assembly.

Professional customization of specialized cables and accessories for electronic automation mechanical equipment. Suitable for mass production of special models of products, such as backlight modules, LCD voice control modules, instrument panel modules, automated testing terminals, electric vehicles, etc.

Customized medical device specialized cables/special cables, ultra flexible mobile testing cables, ultra flexible production lines, 360 degree high-definition solutions to meet the OEM production needs of customized medical devices. Customized excellent product line solutions to meet the OEM production needs of customized medical devices.

Customized medical device specialized cables/special cables are processed, and the connection solution is for customer production, management, appearance, and specialized aviation connectors in Hangzhou.

Disk 15K customized laboratory broken wire bundle 100-240, disk 27-795, bending diameter 4-60mm, rated voltage ≤ 60V.

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