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Do not choose the wrong container commonly used for shipping power connectors

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Do not choose the wrong container for commonly used power connectors for shipping; Model B, a combination type socket for rear loading and unloading of large and heavy equipment such as warehouses, is used as the moving contact of the warehouse mobile power connector.

The method of using DC90V model for worktable equipment is plastic injection molding. Plastic sample PE plastic can be used as the manufacturing surface and plastic clamping joints can be used.

Precautions for power distribution sockets: 1. The cable connectors for the incoming flashlight and welding machine must be equipped with DC/AC-DC power connectors. 2. Pillar, short-time sawing. 3. Open the obstruction inside the power cable. 4. When using an electrical junction box, it is necessary to use the socket power connector correctly. The main precautions for the application of this type of connector are as follows ().

The insulation material of 12038 terminal wire, PVC wire, is calculated based on the size of the defective supply wire tested; We call it high-quality wire because some merchants are aware of fraud and people usually consider it as part of compensation work; We remind you that the label on the wire connector is 63 amperes.

What should be inspected is the quality of the wire; Unlike this product, if the quality is changed due to the wire grade, the insulation of the wire is poor, and it cannot be buried properly when one side is tilted to the other side. Additionally, the quality is directly replaced; High quality wire has profits if it exceeds its intended use.

Wire quality is a persistent pursuit of people, with different functions and prices; The appearance and quality of wire have been greatly improved, mainly affecting aspects such as wire and connectors.

The wire harness processing factory will introduce you to a method of appearance processing. Wire is a commonly used material, and the quality of this material is very poor. Therefore, when choosing this material, we must choose a manufacturer in the positive direction. Good products will depend on the appearance of the product, which is not guaranteed. The first point of choosing this material is quality.

Connector manufacturers believe that the quality of the products produced by connectors is the first concern, and the quality of the connectors themselves is the quality of the connectors. If they have not undergone long-term testing, the quality is not the best. Therefore, we must choose a legitimate manufacturer, and only such a quality product can have quality.

Although there are limitations on the quality of connectors produced by each connector manufacturer, there are still some manufacturer's problems, mainly due to improper manufacturing by the manufacturer. A more serious problem is the connector manufacturer's problems, mainly due to the inconsistent quality of connectors produced by the manufacturer due to incorrect design. Cangzhou City.

The basic performance of connectors can be divided into three categories: mechanical performance, electrical performance, and environmental performance.

The insertion and extraction force is divided into the insertion force and the mechanical life of the connector (also known as gold plated), which can be divided into male or female according to different user requirements.

Due to the relatively simple structure of the plug-in connector, which is used by many users, some errors may occur during actual use, so the best problem must be noted.

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