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The manufacturer of the most technologically advanced round connectors

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One of the most technologically advanced manufacturers of round connectors, we are able to produce over 20 pages of standard parts. In addition, the ERNI connectors we produce have excellent solder resistance. We did not receive standard components for round connectors. We can produce and customize round connectors. These round connectors are basically capable of crimping connectors and have stable contact. In addition, they can process materials and products. However, if you need some basic specifications, ERNI connectors can provide specially designed specifications. We can provide plating for crimping connectors.

ERNI connectors are available for crimping connectors with the highest impedance and are suitable for screw installation. Capable of crimping connectors with the highest impedance, suitable for screw installation, with crimping contact surfaces, crimping terminal impedance, and crimping slots.

The most common option is to provide the highest impedance for crimping connectors. This series of connectors adopts the most advanced production technology, with bronze and bronze phases planned on the engineering plastic.

The VH3 series is a low difficulty, high pressure horizontal docking visual contact detection IC. IC and on-chip systems that support industry standard connectors. The VH3 series products have dimensions up to 725 quad cores.

The new connector adopts a combination of porous connectors, which can meet the requirements of most customers for small, fixed, compact, and flexible contact systems. It is the smallest screw plug connector in the market, and how to choose Mipi connectors.

Dear customers and the general public, we hope that you will leave a profound learning and control, a profound trajectory in every company's struggle, and gain your trust. Together, we will create brilliance with high quality!

When it comes to board to board connectors, we immediately think of our company's application card holder connector (Cable). It integrates three basic elements with the circuit board and is its core. SIM card holder is a type of connector that uses a through hole.

RJ45 network interface: provides the correct ribbon cable connector to prevent or side compression, and is more widely used for the installation of fixed seats.

It is a type of connector with an inner tight straight through, shielded, and customized according to the fixed panel. The RJ45 network interface provides a comprehensive data rate ranging from a 15 mm standard interface to a quarter bit.

Headphone socket, also known as surround sound composite switch power supply series. Waterproof plug sockets, BNC sockets, headphone sockets, etc. are all used to connect USB connectors, instrument sockets, computer audio tapes, headphone release types, etc.

The positioning key and insulation key have three common circular poles: rigid, used to locate pins, and the pins are coplanar and small; Used for SATA interface, can locate pins and determine if they point towards the positioning pins; Used for connecting USB31 and USB20 devices. There are two pins between the positioning key and the insulation key: to prevent solder leakage.

Use electrical connectors and do not attach them to plastic flashing equipment. To ensure that the surface is intact and error free, reduce safety hazards, and effectively prevent loosening and damage caused by wear and tear, simple and reliable prevention.

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