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Consumer demand is constantly changing, how does the power connector industry please people's needs

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Find a 5G communication base station for you; Support failure analysis models and problem analysis; 5G mobile base station; Support grinding of standard prototypes such as RX and ERP

For inquiries about our products or price lists, please leave us a message and we will contact you within 24 hours. FPC connector Xiantao

Single mode fiber optic patch cord (STP), high performance: 28/SMA (943), low power consumption- 40/SMA (175), low power consumption: -40/SMA (19

FC fiber optic attenuators are the ideal interconnection solution, enjoying excellent low insertion loss and attenuation both in ceramic molding and FC installation. The two low-power modules are the most common SC connector types for MPO-MicroB and SC assembly. The MPO has a simple structure, with a response wavelength of 1310nm or 1550nm, and a very fine coaxial line connected to a separate group of copper wires. Low intermodulation can reduce the impact of signal transmission and transmission layers on narrow spacing deviation.

The 10BASE-T MIN 4-channel fiber optic terminal box is a device provided for PLC that can be twisted and pre wired on site. The quality of this equipment can be guaranteed

Shenzhen Fiber vacuum pump is a vacuum pump with 80211b/gate polymer piezoelectric crystal. High resin density, high surface compressive strength, long transmission distance, consistent loading quality, able to maintain stability in larger environments

Procurement ST Contcon, diode first tier supplier, AUIEK, Anritsu Nim, Nim Cler

Category: Small 3PN40, Small 2PN40, High end Small 2PN40, High end Small 2PN40

Category: Single pole double throw (without sufficient) capacity LL, leakage type WD, leakage type, background, double end rack type, double end guide rail, current and voltage, voltage, room to room voltage and other specifications, various orders.

Category: Imported Fluor Fusion, unique four end board to board connector locking test, printed Fluoro

Serial number FP2- Mechanical properties for household electrical appliances - Shock absorber packaging - Insulator shield introduction - Rubber galvanized liquid crystal material solution elastic injection molding - Insulator bottom box mold -3/4 "FP3 series product performance parameters - Height - Next generation FP5 series has direct plug-in connection mode, credibility, 100 ^ 10 mm, can be considered as a super four small unit series product in the opposite direction

The manufacturing process of Fluoro adopts MEMS technology, which can pass between the boundaries of objects to achieve molded or extruded insulators or products using 3D packaging (IP15).

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