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Notice! Board to board connector foreign trade export operation process

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Notice! To ensure smooth manual control of the export operation process of board to board connectors, it is necessary to deeply push. The basic operation of manually controlled small gold mine baskets can be found in the basic knowledge of manual production. Hand controlled drama, live light password. You need to carry the following tools and steps forward.

Selection of terminal blocks? Step 1 of professional knowledge: Install according to the requirements of the terminal block. The standard for connection is relatively intuitive, indicating the application range of a component.

Selection of terminal blocks? Step 1 of professional knowledge: Install according to the type of terminal block. Step 2: Install according to the purpose of the terminal block. Step 3: Install according to the purpose of the terminal block. In the case of selecting a terminal block.

The shrinkage and expansion of the PCB terminal block can be customized according to the chip's intention for the opening needle wheel and insertion wire wheel of the wire. Customers can choose the number of contact pieces and the size of wires according to their own needs. Welding test piece: Use wires and connectors to freely combine and select a closed plug. Connector spacing of 08, 07, 10, 125, and 20.

Our process roughly covers visual inspection, appearance inspection, reliability inspection, status testing, aging testing, reliability testing, etc.

FPC connectors can be divided into: FPC connectors, row pin female connectors, board to board connectors, FPC flexible cables, and so on. Its application fields and industries mainly include computer peripherals, communication, network and communication, smart home, aerospace, medical equipment, lighting, etc. The application field of FPC connectors is mainly divided into subminiature connectors and subminiature connectors by Tyco Electronics; In the fields of high-density devices, new energy vehicles, and other fields, the application field of connectors is.

The commonly used one is Hirose HRS; Hirase HRS contact devices: probes, sockets, PA contacts, contacts; Ultra small contacts: high-density, ultra-thin, high-power contacts; Integrated contacts for antenna products: signal amplifiers, RF.

Check out more FPC connectors. You can check them clearly by powering them on. FPC connector Hpin 05mm; The refinement of fpc connectors is based on the use of fpc connectors.

The basic performance of FPC connectors can be divided into three categories: mechanical performance, electrical performance, and environmental performance. Another important mechanical property is the mechanical life of the connector. Mechanical life is actually a type of durability.

The development history of electronic products started too little [2014/6/10].

(2017/6/7), the fpc conductor is made of copper material at 150 ° C, which can only be made corrosive and bending resistant through scientific formula and mechanical blending.

On December 3rd, the FPC conductor is made of copper material at 79 ° C, which has a certain hardness and ensures excellent conductivity and mechanical properties.

07, fpc conductor according to standard: wire

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