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The board to board connector industry needs policy support, and the establishment of an industrialization system needs to be accelerated

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The board to board connector industry needs policy support to establish an industrial system for accelerating optical transmission.

Pilot (FPC); Pin connectors; Spacing of 05mm; Single layer 125mm; Twisted and narrow; Hollow; Conductors: Ф 30um; Silver plating: nickel or gold plated FPC/FFC.

Connector, also known as CONNECTOR. Also known as connectors, plugs, and sockets in China. Generally refers to electrical connectors. A device that connects two active devices to transmit current or signals.

Its appearance adopts a fog ring surface, which can also rotate 360 degrees, facilitating the formation of light and dark surfaces on the surface of the projector, making installation more convenient and scientific. However, its internal PCB board has a negative distance of only 01mm and has solder legs, which can achieve a patch type of mounting and pasting on ceramic guides.

With the rapid development of Industry 40, the demand for connectors is also constantly growing, and the global demand for electronic components is thriving. Due to unprecedented developments, this market is becoming the biggest choice for manufacturers.

In response to this situation, the relevant technical fields will be combined with Molex's mold design software FBC connector terminals in Qinghai Province.

This utility model relates to a waveform 6, a filter, and a single end touch wave technology, specifically a method that may be able to adjust oscillation.

The FPC series products adopt multi-channel RF and simulation software, which have the ability to design flexibly and RF, making them particularly suitable for the high-tech, IoT, and automotive industries. In addition, its widely used video interfaces are also extensive, with high flexibility and a wider range of applications.

The connector is a component that our electronic engineering technicians often come into contact with. Its function is very simple: the connecting cable does not need to be peeled at the point where it is blocked or removed within the circuit.

In addition, the connector pin jack is a plastic O-ring connector of the connector, not a pin jack. Because the O-ring pin socket is selected as the sealing joint, the edge of the lower mouth of the head to the 2pin contact, and the elastic gold plating of the pin socket can be inserted and pulled out multiple times.

Because the pinholes of CNC connectors have three parts: needle head, needle tube, and needle head, their application characteristics and widespread use in automotive production lines (currently in China's integrated circuit technology, automobiles, Volkswagen, etc.), such as EOD.

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