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Exploring the New Trends in the Board to Board Connector Industry through Breakthrough in Segmented Raceways

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A brief description of the new trends in the board to board connector industry and the switch testing system.

Power system and safety system testing systems are widely used in aerospace, national defense, shipbuilding and industry, energy, mobile, and submarine structural research institutes, with multiple levels of safety protection.

The photovoltaic testing system can provide a complete set, compatible, safe, wear-resistant, green design, stable performance, and flexible testing systems of various models, with a compact structure suitable for workshops and automation environments,

As a power system used to evaluate and control photovoltaic system faults, photovoltaic cables have historically been used to measure the current waveform signal of solar power generation systems, simulating the transmission of current sources such as the fault point and current source of photovoltaic cables. Based on the consideration of working voltage and environmental pollution, corresponding testing measures can be taken.

The conductive core of photovoltaic cables must be in contact with copper mesh using aluminum foil to generate optical fibers or photovoltaic metal shielding with short-circuit protection. According to the characteristics of working temperature and harmonic, it can achieve the effects of shielding interference, reducing irrelevant interference, reducing crosstalk, beautifying changes, evaluating management, and separation.

Copper is the most commonly used wire for fixed installation, commonly known as "copper". Electrolytic copper made from aluminum is ultra-vacuum, but "copper" does not exhibit electrical conductivity and can cause faults. Some complex wire groups, connecting devices, and cables. Including pure aluminum, copper, and aluminum, they are connectors for energy storage and electrical signals.

How to Design Photovoltaic Lines, Photovoltaic System Cables, High Temperature Photovoltaic Cable Lines, Sodium Sulfide, Fluoroalkylene Copper, Frequency Converters, Photovoltaics

This is a low-cost single core PVC heat shrink tube. This product adopts the polymer process of "single-phase polyvinyl chloride/polyethylene insulation", but is produced using fluoroplastic+(polyvinylidene fluoride) fluoroplastic copolymer (PE). Our heat shrink tubing is made of tinned copper radiation cross-linked polyolefin material.

Teflon heat shrink tubing is made of high-quality polymer polyolefin copolymer copolymers of polytetrafluoroethylene (commonly known as Teflon or polytetrafluoroethylene). The Teflon heat shrink tubing made of this special combination of fluoroolefins can not only produce high-performance polyolefins, but also do not require extrusion, glass fiber, carbon plastic and other elements. The product is also widely used in electronics, industry, distribution, insulation protection of electronic products, metal products Electronic appliances and surface treatment, and can be used for insulation, waterproofing, chemical corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, and electrical insulation.

It is also known as polytetrafluoroethylene (fluoroolefin), which can withstand high temperature, corrosion and swelling. It is a multifunctional halogen-free, flame-retardant, and environmentally friendly metal polyolefin material used for connectors, precision instruments, surface treatment, and can also be applied to prevent combustion, moisture, and high-performance transmission.

The circulating heat shrink tube below 200A has low expansion, transparency, and can be integrated into the surface and touch of plastic and wire insulation. The product has a smooth surface, bright colors, and a variety of patterns, fully meeting the requirements of environmental protection electronic appliances, safety and environmental protection standards, and electronic components. It has the following characteristics.

Implement the fixation and protection of coils, transformers, cylindrical wire insulation layers, and RC ceramic components.

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