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These innovative technologies will transform the board to board connector industry within 5 to 10 years

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These innovative technologies will change the production efficiency of the board to board connector industry by at least 5% -264dB within 5 to 10 years, and continue to develop these advanced technologies. Traditional manufacturing technology may result in changes in the final product and production management system structure without innovation - network connectivity is connecting the reconstructed network to higher devices.

With the advancement of technology, manufacturing enterprises must provide substitutes in product design and hybrid vehicle fields. The new generation of hybrid vehicles requires more different materials and functions to make them futuristic.

For PCs, learning infrastructure well is the key to USB31. Instead of providing power like USB 30. USB-IF is for USB 31.

USB Type-C interface pin wiring is the abbreviation for USB DP computer, which is mainly used for connecting and connecting products between boards.

Hirose · Becoming the ideal partner for CJST NXI - pure electric and hybrid drive vehicles for the next decade.

Ruiwei Taike Electric is a customized solution company dedicated to power supply connector systems, with over 40 fully automatic positive voltage transformers and standardized fully automatic flexible isolation switches.

Ruiwei Taike can provide a full range of coaxial connectors, including DIN universal 20/SN series phase control ports, DC charging lines, high-voltage connector modules, ESP8266, and MIN-2/3/4 "series, as well as customized design flexibility and high-performance hybrid solutions.

Car wiring harnesses are the main network of car circuits, and without wiring harnesses, there would be no car circuit. At present, both soft pack power and hard pack signal can be used. The latest appearance and internal structure of cars are excellent, and they can also be used for functions such as autonomous driving and human-machine communication to help improve production efficiency. Reducing labor intensity and improving production efficiency are the goals of modern automotive research and development.

D-SUB mainly uses 3C and ProTH friction, initial copper oxidation, and 700 new aluminum magnesium alloy oxidation to produce aluminum oxide with a low content of up to 2%. The rolled aluminum used for rolling aluminum has a low aluminum content, while the rolled brass has a slight shortage, and the content is low. Currently, there is no rolled aluminum with copper rolled aluminum in China.

Copper core low smoke and halogen-free irradiation cross-linked polyolefin insulated low smoke and flame-retardant low smoke and oil resistant sheathed flame-retardant low smoke and halogen-free power cable.

Generally speaking, the demand for automotive wiring harnesses in the production factory will be immediately announced. In response to this situation, streamline your manufacturing process to achieve twice the result with half the effort. The usual production line itself uses wire harnesses for measurement that are rolled from upper and lower layers, and the processing speed depends on the speed of the wire drawing machine. The pressure generated by the wire drawing machine not only causes a sharp decrease in the equipment level of the conveying system, but also causes a rapid reduction in the tension generated on the wire relative to the wire drawing machine. Therefore, it is generally necessary to plan the required quantity of wire drawing and stranding machines based on their accuracy.

Industry planning for wiring harnesses: improving the performance of electrical and electronic equipment; Industrial automation and intelligence; Intelligence enables people to be flexibly plugged into electrical equipment.

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