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Inventory common board to board connectors

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Inventory common board to board connectors 05 with a spacing of 060 and a height of 45mm floating animal - black/film - Bocai.

Bocai film: pogo pin spring needle: 03-05, the film is nickel plated, using 581.

Spring needle: 03-05, film coated with gold, using 581, coating: reflective film.

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Film: precision ff, plastic Housg, patch film, Housg. Fxg, ultra-thin fg.

Board to board connector: FPC plug-in slot, parallel embedded fixed ring; Patch film, SMT pins.

Pull rope displacement sensor: ZB-EC.

XHB pin connector: 20 pitch SMT type connector; Strip connector: SMT type connector.

Horizontal FPC connector: 20 spacing SMT type connector, with a spacing of 254mm and a height of 254mm; Price: ¥.

Terminals (connectors): Phosphorus copper, brass/nickel, stainless steel/magnesium, BFC78 connectors.

Vertical plug-in 10P terminal horizontal patch socket, high-density welded connector, solder wire P/T/L, copper alloy 45mm, aluminum industry is healthier.

Terminal: SMT/vertical/horizontal SMT socket/unlocked SMT CK80HLICJA-01.

Phoenix terminals, Phoenix isolation terminals, Phoenix relays, and Phoenix tools do not need to be matched. Phoenix components are numbered 4 below [see details].

MRO female to 254mm battery module adapter pair outgoing line, 3x034/pin or VI terminal line.

MRO female to 254mm battery module adapter pair outgoing line, 4x10 or 254mm battery module adapter pair outgoing line, MRO female to 254mm battery module adapter pair outgoing line.

All IC single line AC DC sockets DC power cables, MRO-STD-1553 DC-DC24V.

MRO USB connector waterproof Micro USB female seat MICRO USB 5P B-type MM front plug and back stick [note].

All copper CN type TYPE-C female base/light touch switch 57-28P inline MICRO head maXTH15 with red/black/white color.

MICRO E 58pin 14pin Lingkang Spring TYPE-C Connector.

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