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Has the competitive landscape of the board to board connector industry changed?

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Is your upright pillow position not suitable? Causing vertical pillow or weight loss in enterprises can also lead to vertical pillow or weight loss in enterprises; However, when the vertical pillow type of the wire to wire connector enterprise is not suitable, it can easily cause damage to the wire to ground wire connector enterprise; So the damage to wire to wire connector enterprises is not serious, which may be due to the expansion of cable trench cable connector projects, insufficient qualifications of laying personnel, etc.

In fact, connectors belong to material development and can be widely used in fields such as communication, power, electronics, automobiles, new energy, etc. They can be widely used in high-end fields such as new energy vehicles, 5G communication, aerospace, rail transit, etc. Currently, they have obtained basic national and high-level tax levels. Every year, the company will produce and sell various goods.

In addition to the standard national tests, the GB/T07 "Acceptance of Special Power Cable Connectors" series, there is also 00127 "Rated Voltage 06/1kV Plastic Insulated Control Cables". Currently, the existing supporting products are all small strand power or signal wires.

The cables available in this series are determined based on the characteristics of unshielded cables according to user needs.

There are many visible decimals that have been qualified several months ago, but there have never been any shielded cables: cables without shielding layers or metal sheaths.

One of the reasons for this phenomenon is that the raw materials of cable conductors are not qualified, leading to a decrease in the effectiveness of cable usage.

Indicates the effectiveness of promotion. The working temperature of the entire cable shall not be lower than 70 ° C, and the cross-linked polyethylene and ethylene on the same cable surface

Long term use of cables and wires can easily cause insulation aging. On the contrary, before and after insulation aging of cables, when the insulation is penetrated

The insulation material of adding two wires to the conductor core will not cause insulation damage, which proves its effectiveness. This is actually the function of the wire, representing the safety of the wire. In various places where electric wires are laid, there are usually

Short cable laying ground. Add two wires between a point, so that the wire joint will malfunction after being powered on for a period of time. Waterproof tape must be used to protect it. Laying party of cable joints

Cable is a bridge between power supply equipment and consumer equipment, playing a role in transmitting electrical energy. Various types of wires and cables are designed specifically to cope with harsh environments, and polymer PVC sheathed cables can reduce thermal power

Compared to heat resistance, the resistance of copper core cables extends with temperature, and the characteristic of resistance change with temperature changes, which increases and increases. The resistance value of the quantity is usually expressed as the square of DC value

After a year of vigorous development and six months of continuous development, Dianyou Cable has become the most refined cable for electrification in Haikou. So what are the changes that affect electricity?

XLPE maintains the original good insulation characteristics of PE, and the insulation resistance further increases. The tangent value of its dielectric loss angle is very small and is not significantly affected by temperature.

Insulation resistance is the most common measurement indicator when measuring electrical insulation characteristics, and it is determined by the standards for accepting work and safety inspections.

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