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Low season board to board connector industry hopes for stable growth

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In the off-season, the board to board connector industry is hoping for a stable growth state. The combination customization of weak areas and related fields in the connector market.

Our connectors are committed to serving industry customers at highly competitive prices. From design, cable assembly to material supply, we carefully manufacture every connector.

Quality is the technology used by our Xingmaida. In order to ensure the long-term reliable operation of your product, we work together to promote testing, design, and use customized testing equipment to improve efficiency for you. We are willing to do our products and services.

The connectors purchased in bulk are safe, reliable, and cost-effective. We reject expensive surface mount, and the entire board product is safe and reliable.

We are flexible and able to meet the needs of customized customers while creating a first-class competitive experience. From design, material procurement to manufacturing, customized testing equipment enables us to customize testing equipment for customers.

As a manufacturer that meets the demand for fast products, we have helped customers control our high quality, and providing customers with the best quality products is our continuous pursuit.

Committed to achieving the integration of RF and microwave technology, providing testing and measurement solutions that comply with international standards, as well as connector programming solutions. We have advanced production process resources and can design and develop connectors that are suitable for customers' actual situations according to their requirements.

Quick connectors, non-standard customized cables, quick connectors, and customized solutions provide quick connector solutions for the industry.

We develop and test equipment that can provide customers with various customized connector solutions. The company provides various types of products, including SMA, SMB, MCX, MMCX, BNC, DIN, F-head, gold-plated, socket, and coaxial, including injection molding, stamping, push-pull, and push-pull. The products meet the requirements of various models under the US military standard.

We have more than 10 international level or above voltage reaching 1000V, including 50 sets of customized connector molds, injection molds, standard parts, automatic pins, and stamping automatic assembly machines, supporting customized products.

Our automation solutions provide solutions for production, processing, casting, and on-site after-sales service. We can provide safety regulations and Delphi industrial equipment. Our original factory logistics. The processed products comply with the EU RoHS directive. Perfect products meet foreign standards and reduce delivery time. On time service, stable quality, reliable delivery time and service support. The factory equipment manufacturers have achieved automated management in the past two hours. Provide a 2-year standard product warranty based on actual needs. Continuous production orders that meet the 75th standard achieve high-quality production orders with a reasonable lifespan.

Gradually capture market customers. We can use its unique equipment and analysis technology to serve your understanding of customer needs, as well as their design objectives and functions. We can provide you with a clear understanding of customer needs, common design goals, and effective time to help you solve problems

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