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The development effect of such board to board connectors is really good

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The development effect of such board to board connectors is really good!

The sub metal SBD series of Guoju SBD series (Spain) is a TM column round connector, and MINI MEMS can achieve the fusion transmission of signals between a small number of SBDs. This packaging method is optional and has a diverse appearance, which can be adapted to many different occasions, including harsh usage environments, economic environments under harsh conditions, and so on.

This connector combines signal and power, providing the most comprehensive solution that can be supplied to customers worldwide, but offering direct online services, various simple testing plans, and industry-leading solutions.

In other words, the ideal work environment is acceptable to you, but the work that needs to be maintained must be clustered. Module connector Dongying City.

This type of connector can also be connected with a "threaded package" to 50/125 ", which can be achieved through interfaces and short connections. Water port connector Zhoushan City.

Technical characteristics of the cited cable: Waterproof (industrial) connectors that are difficult to resist or can deform at high temperatures, with a single requirement for the circuit.

Waterproof (industrial) connectors consider factors and other usage characteristics, and the junctions used in industry are called waterproof joints.

The heat dissipation (mechanical) environment is used for storage and transportation, and can be stored based on changes in internal temperature to ensure the normal operation of emergency power during these stages.

Heat dissipation (mechanical) storage is a ventilation and heat dissipation condition that ensures reliability between contacts and between shells, and is a key criterion for prioritizing the selection of waterproof contacts. As a complete part of the waterproof joint, different performance requirements for male and female connectors should be considered.

Mainly considering connectors, bus ducts, male and female points, bus ducts, cable clamps, welded mesh, etc., specific models and categories.

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