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How to please the board to board connector industry as consumer demand is constantly changing

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How can the board to board connector industry please consumers as consumer demand is constantly changing? How to improve the quality of copper? The market challenges are constantly increasing, and the connectors developed and produced by Jinhuanyu Liansheng board partners are being favored by more and more industries. The sales model of board to board connectors is warm and decisive, and there will be many development trends for board to board connectors in the future.

In the future, high-performance copper spring micro needle modules will move towards high-precision, multi-layer, and repeatable directions to avoid losses caused by standardization of sharp punch design, and achieve the goals of high quality, long life, comprehensiveness, and stable quality.

At present, the export value of high-quality copper spring micro needle module products has reached tens of billions of dollars, and the export value has exceeded hundreds of billions of dollars. Our products have always been committed to world-class professional production, and world-class customer chain solutions in segmented fields provide the supply and sales targets for connector products.

Push KT common junction box (CH254) FPC common mode junction box is compatible with two major categories in the industry, with a total of rows of junction boxes, which can fully utilize the role of cables, thereby reducing material procurement demand and improving production efficiency. Mainly used in 3C consumer products.

KT both sides_ Bar shaped copper shrapnel, wire shaped copper shrapnel information, pin color, customized copper shrapnel.

Push linear copper elastic piece information pin and socket accessory.

Male female docking Push line 5-core connector spot ASD 12 core connector line 10CM 16MM socket connector line 40CM.

How to connect FP-IF NAMI-2P NAMI-3P NAMI-4P NAMI-5P NAMI-16P NAMI-2P MASK high-quality Micro USB ARP CPC extended SMT with genuine European standard SFP+FP F05-F46P0001 male and female single row SMT.

Long Shengcheng NAMI-F571P SATA connector BTB 7P female seat BTB L=735 M12 blue glue unlocked size.

Longsheng Haitong NAMI-MC4HC CDPERNI with PCB through-hole size Micro C69K serial port C/F 35mm unlocked PCB SMT LCP black fog plated 2 meters.

Long Tong NAMI-AM with PCB through hole size Micro Cameralink male connector 75PIN solder wire SR4 C/F 35mm 05A spacing RA with 2D specification sheath Camera Link connector straight pin standard with clearance PA.

Short soldering wire support FPU ball tooth wire card wire parts, wire materials, rice class IM injection molding wire connectors, decoration bases, INGITEST accessories, your budding ideas.

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