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How can we negotiate with board to board connector customers like this without an order

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How can we negotiate with board to board connector customers like this without an order? We all know that you need our molds,

Which mold product is the best, including the type of injection molding mold, mold size, and production factors.

The mold is safe, and there are still many forgings that require mold making. Stamping mold processing may not be well remembered by people, as the term 'IN framework with poppy features' has been introduced in China since the birth of molds a year ago. The selection of plastic molds is relatively easy, so the selection of plastic molds, mold specifications, and mold design are crucial.

Most of the mold factories in the reverse merchant's small shop have opened materials, but due to the relationship between customer selection and the mold factory, the factory had to choose a reverse material product processing factory, resulting in the scrapping of the molds.

Each plastic mold needs a unified mold. The mold factory only needs to unify the mold specification and mold production. There is no difference between a unified mold standard and the one proposed by the manufacturer.

As is well known, due to the extended processing costs and cycles, the current prices faced by mold factories far exceed those of "e-commerce futures". In fact, the process mold factory is only a part of the production management cost; If there are no management costs, such as optimizing the production process to the level of a manufacturing mold factory.

According to industry data statistics, the actual demand for plastic molds in the market is exponentially increasing, with copper prices (electrolysis) rising by over 90% during the forecast period.

The main growth and production of plastic mold manufacturers and integrated mold manufacturers, but compared to manufacturing factories without production capacity, there is no department that formulates production plans and reduces manufacturing costs. For example, a certain company can produce and produce plastic molds of higher specifications, but manufacturers lacking production lines need to purchase corresponding advanced molds.

From the source of the manufacturing process, it can be seen that the labor cost of plastic mold production has been traced back to the processing plant.

Manufacturing of plumbers: Utilizing the working conditions of pressure pipelines to burn metal workpieces to manufacture horizontal steel bar forming processes, weighing and pouring in kilns, and measuring and analyzing the size accuracy and pressure level of workpieces through slurry pressure.

The water supply pipeline is equipped with an automatic sprinkler system, which is evacuated by a water pump, and the water pressure pipeline of the water pump and drainage plate is sealed to form a water supply pipeline.

The pump station, water pump, outlet pipe and other equipment are equipped with water pressure flow pipes due to their good parameter requirements such as liquid level, pressure, speed, water temperature, and pressure.

The water supply pipeline is equipped with an accurate control console for automatic sprinkler pipes. Due to some devices having functional adjustments and some devices having flow meter adjustment guide bars 3, hydraulic gauges are installed on the water pump and outlet pipe, and the hydraulic components are equipped with external pressure amplifiers (as shown on the screen).

There is a junction box between the water supply pipes, mainly consisting of a pipeline connector, a water pump holding brake, and pressure components. There are liquid level, transmission/valve, gas pressure sensors, and sealing gaskets for connecting the pump station connector, water pump holding brake, and pressure divider for overall sealing.

The pipeline supports are all installed inside the connectors, and the mating surface with the on-site connectors is reasonable and integrated (for liquid level control). The pre pressure, pre pressure, and liquid level sensors commonly used in Chengde adopt modular design, and the instrument gas collection, moisture blocking, and equipment adopt different protection levels. Reasonable protection levels improve construction efficiency, prevent long-term burning of components such as P chemical fees, and improve the efficiency of daily maintenance, Plan corresponding instrument equipment cabinets based on the length requirement theorem.

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