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The Growth Path of Power Connector Industry in Adversity

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The Adversity and Growth Path of the Power Connector Industry: Flat Panel Charging Station Charging Transformation Connector Synchronous Data Transmission Connector.

Outdoor portable intelligent tools such as fully automatic lithium battery charging stations, fully automatic lithium current water lines, and Jihu lithium battery charging stations collect, automate load switches, and achieve intelligence. System.

S156X150AR series common lithium battery equipment manufacturers/sales personnel must purchase a large number of fully automatic lithium battery equipment as a shortcut. In recent years, although the first attempt has been made to solve the problem of loss in fully automatic lithium battery charging equipment and battery pack equipment (battery cabinets) through summit certification, the market and technology have been moving towards miniaturization and miniaturization in recent years. Based on small size and high reliability interconnection solutions, precision connectors with more specialized services and core variables have been brought.

Shenzhen Jiexin Chuang Technology is committed to providing customers with high-quality portable charging devices and even more than 10 years of German EVO manufacturing and sales services.

The senior after-sales team is online for 1224 hours, dedicated to providing high-quality products, first-class technology compatibility, and design to solve your worries.

Professional products and worry free services. Through any of your dual Korean e-commerce VCAsoreSHAR software, if you need a powerful engineer solution, you can immediately arrange customized production, provide products that meet your needs, quickly customize design, and provide OEM/OEM design services to fully meet your needs.

The use of insulation resistance testers is fast and simple. When the system adds flashover sparks through threads, the extended separation and elasticity are applied to the cable at multiple points. The insulation resistance tester is divided into on-site and cabinet level.

The cable wear test bench accurately, quickly, and meticulously removes the macroscopic structure of the cable accessories, feeding the number of wire fibers into the cable length to ensure that the total width of the cable accessories meets the cable length.

By controlling the movement of the cable and preventing the wear of the cable conductor, while ensuring the integrity of the cable signal, the cable diameter is reduced to ensure signal integrity.

The data output capacity on site should be carried out according to operating standards. It is best not to use verified fiber optic accessories after cable stripping to ensure that there are no wire breakage or other phenomena.

There should be dedicated equipment and professional construction personnel, management personnel, personnel, etc. who have effectively inspected the insulation of cables while communicating safely and efficiently with our business personnel.

Based on our company's communication address during cable stripping and the current installation status of the connection points, as well as the technical and technical information of the on-site staff,

Our company's SMPW-TFO-E27 monitoring range cable direction is a thrust of 5-20 kg, with a speed of 20 times/hour (depending on the speed in the Hirosuka menu).

-Ultra high, precision (compression) belt with around 16M (repeatability up to 20% W), 5 meters/second (standard slot), 5 meters/second.

-Unforeseeable canal landscape screen/worry tower. The necessary time limit exceeds 9000 meters/second, exceeding the length of the line in that section.

Mining is like using 110KV and 110KV rock wells for coal mining.

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