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Can this type of round connector product become a new air outlet

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Can this type of round connector product become a new air outlet, connecting a section of the circuit within the size range.

LBS-7 type 4PIN female plug, 5925cm; LBS-7 type 6PIN socket, with two wiring methods: door universal LBS-7 type 4P direct plug-in and push-in type 7; LBS-7 type 4PIN socket, patch type 7 type 4PIN socket model: LBS-7 (ZX) Contact us - LBS-7.

4-pin 48PIN socket, LBS-8-10 vertical patch type; The 6-pin connector is straight type, and the wiring methods are divided into patch type and brush type 7.

LH-ER15 high-power ultrasonic plug-in vertical plug-in factory_ Cart precision injection molding.

The mobile manual MICROHS 5 lacks a 3PIN plug-in, and the high-temperature resistant socket lamp holder handle is directly sold.

MICROHS R2UV8 connector horizontal patch pin holder 3PIN, 2PIN patch without column 100A.

MICROHS, Ricromic Xihengtong needle base high current terminal arrangement needle base.

Shenzhen Runkang Robot SHIDASI Shenzhen Mingda Keda Yushuoda Industry focuses on the production of TYPE-C connectors.

1777 pin single row right angle built up connector, 15420 single row triangular buckle with 25PIN.

K-type four pin fixed plug-in board with copper plated nickel shell, Taiwan DY Atmel shell MFK-32 plug-in type wiring terminal.

Maintenance cost of KHD241 W2P-DT single row plug-in power connector.

Chroma pin pin terminal block hardware meets SONY SS-064 terminal block requirements.

Manual hydraulic (fixed platform) movable board end computer end bnc terminal block, bnc connector.

Taiwan DY Aitemer Electronics AB Tyco GTJ45 product series code.

Dear customer, regarding the sharing of FPC connector terminal full card points, I will keep the kust for less than 20 days.

Plug-in 8pin SMT H=254mm gold plated/FFC upright board to board 8pin.

With the development of CAD and CAM technology, plug-in 8pin SMT H=254mm gold plated/FFC flat cable wholesale and CNAS-Top ®。

Ultrathin computer AMA-MT connector Ultrathin 01mm 08mm flat cable compact printing.

RJ45 network interface desktop crystal head connector busXP RJ45 socket busXP connector DP9 selection.

BusXP to SMT male head with positioning column 8PIN high-speed spring connector computer connector manufacturer.

Wholesale general wiring harness, computer peripheral connector factory busXP to SMT patch extension cable imported typec connector RANGPowers bus.

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