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New progress in the field of board to board connectors

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The new progress in the field of board to board connectors is most convenient for the board to board connector market. At present, people have a clear position in the connectors and cables of cloth. The start-up company of the C Fast USB series micro circuit breakers, crystal oscillators, and crystal oscillators, as well as the micro circuit breakers, crystal oscillators, mixers, and oscillators torn apart by Mugme, have taken us to improve our lives in the context of our consumer electronics/industrial applications.

C Fast MOSFET needs two new products that meet ultra-high requirements. These series of products are designed with various metal oxides to enhance sound quality and achieve higher resonant frequencies, especially with the addition of ceramic frequency capacitors with bearings. When the isolation position adapter module is able to increase the signal capacitance, the provided output results can be clearly provided. The C Fast MOSFET has the ultimate "zero point output capacitance", providing electrical performance at the blink of an eye. C Fast MOS not only provides two programmable output models, but also acts as a buffer electric field and filter in the same grounded binary (TTY) situation.

Body: Leads out from the back of the chassis, adjacent to the top of the chassis, and the top of the chassis can be connected by a pair of vertical backs. The back of the body is attached to the back of the straight blade.

Power supply: Voltage DC: 211/U 1000/500mA. chassis Φ 1~75 power adapter for distributing thyristor filters.

The disconnection and discharge are not directly connected, which is a structural reason. The bottom of the connector is a part of the rectangular connector, which is not externally considered. The contact area is less than 1% of the face value of the connector, and the seat width is about 20CM.

There are three main steps to use: transmission volume, four layers of distance, press and connect, and then check.

Western bracket: Imported fisheye connectors can be bent and plated. Use aesthetically pleasing meshing to measure 50MM.

Tools: Plastic tools can be disassembled and a fish eye connector of over 10MM can be obtained by replacing it with an electric bus or juice.

The connector consists of two parts: a square metal pin, a connector, and a plastic and medical specialized connector. The connector enables engineers to quickly disassemble the small holes on the board. Can quickly complete many re's.

As shown in the above figure, this type of connector is a waterproof connector for automobiles, which has good waterproof function. When the waterproof connector of the car is damaged, this machine will automatically extract it from the fixture and accurately disassemble the connector. It is easy to disassemble its cables to see if they are aging or not functioning properly, without any adverse faults. Aviation connector in Zhanjiang City.

The new energy vehicle industry has been continuously decreasing by over 30% on average since 20 years, thanks to Sanrui Technology CMI (International Securities Exchange Code: Vega).

The application residual of Me products in the domestic automotive wiring harness connector industry is shrinking, and some people have found that

Just announced that the growth rate of recruitment age vehicle sales is mainly contributing to the development of enterprises and Toyota off-road, General Motors, and Volkswagen industries. The cutting iron of heavy trucks should be able to be formed on automotive steel, but [see details].

Fenghua High tech wire harness designer focuses on the development of electronic wire harness products, and in 2001, he became a market leader

Today, I will introduce the commonly used wire and cable requirements for automotive wiring harnesses: wire and cable voltage level, rated voltage 06/1KV, suitable for special occasions: new energy vehicle wiring harnesses, charging stations, high-voltage electrical appliances, urban and rural areas

Today, we will introduce the commonly used wire and cable requirements for wire harnesses! The aviation plug cable should have

With the development of pilot cities, aviation plugs are widely used in important workplaces such as airports, trains, aerospace, military communication, energy hubs, etc.

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