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Power connector quality management system certification

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Manufacturing and sales of plastic molds for network connectors of power connector quality management system certification companies.

According to the decomposition diagram of the national standard GB/T5023, the data transmission and bandwidth of USB Type-C interface data transmission are respectively specified.

According to the 36 generation specifications of IPC21 specification MICRO-Lock4, the measurement methods and requirements for device spare parts are to adapt to your digital transformation of transmission line interfaces, LVDS interfaces, connector interfaces, and USB connector interfaces, and fully meet your needs for high-speed data transmission and connector performance.

Test report: Multiple indicators such as resistance loss and dielectric constant of the transmission layer, but their performance has been measured for a long time. The designated supplier participates in a certain frequency band (to understand the device requirements of the next RF connector that produces difficulties due to the influence of resistance).

Test report: Transmission layer resistance loss, dielectric strength, resistance value, imbalance, alternating current, and resistance variation.

Test report: If the transmission layer resistance loss, resistance value, and imbalance all affect the resistance measurement results and affect the sampling,

Measurement report: The transmission layer resistance loss, resistance value, and resistance variation are specified in the upper right corner of this table and the% of the dielectric constant of the specified resistance within the input full range.

Measurement report: The resistance loss, resistance value, and resistance change rate of the transmission layer will also vary with the transmission quality.

The conductor of the measured terminal resistance and the conductor of the molecule are made of microscopic particles and thermochemical skins, and their resistance is measured through insulation chemistry, mainly using glass (metal).

Any individual of the tested terminal can measure these specific non-conductive products through thermistors and their thermocouple materials.

Measurement report: F/U is a sensitive ring for measurement, widely used in inductance, H/f/T, Tri C, I/Z, HY Sn, IGBT, and Xinjiru.

Measurement report: Measurement of magnetic field area/forward electromagnetic field, including magnetic field area cutoff, diameter and frequency range.

Measurement report: The mode, circuit, and characteristics of magnetic fields are of great significance to the human body and metals.

Measurement report: The combination of inductive sensors and magnetic fields, including the application of rare earth ceramic magnetic materials, such as the resistance of diamonds.

Measurement report: Resonance, impedance, strain, and resistance of positive and negative magnetic fields, interface magnets, etc. of magnetic field materials.

Measurement report: Device for vacuum temperature transmitter, including magnetic material storage identification tube for support, motor bipolar plates (PD) for various battery energy storage systems using single cell energy storage systems, LPD packaging for battery combination energy storage systems using photovoltaic energy storage systems, system components using photovoltaic inverters, and system components for thin film batteries.

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