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These new regulations for board to board connectors have been officially implemented

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The new regulations of board to board connectors have been officially implemented, providing new packaging bandwidth and excellent current carrying capacity. The flexible installation performance undoubtedly brings important growth to the industry. These connectors are now compatible with 3A power supplies ranging from 8mm to 12mm, combined with PCIE continuous CT technology, allowing 8mm connectors to transmit 40A current and 5A current, with smaller breakthrough speed and inductance, and stronger stability.

Molex is a global connector supplier. Molex's one-time success is at least crucial in leveraging the performance of its products. For many years, Molex's product experts have been able to provide support for it, allowing it to achieve one second connection for the top 10 A, 8mm, 125mm series, and 16mm series power products. As a globally renowned connector supplier, Molex is highly praised.

Pedro believes that connector products represent the evolution of the connector industry, with a lineup ranging from Zhaoli to Wei's connectors, and even larger. Molex connectors have grown exponentially in terms of market share, storage space, map creation and validation, and technological strength, from the recent "high-end forces" to intelligent manufacturing, and even global construction.

Molex, an innovative solution provider for wire harness connectors, focuses on the wire harness processing industry_ The leading manufacturer in the Molex handheld device market, Molex quality assurance, is inseparable from Molex quality assurance and innovation, and win-win cooperation. Market leading! Ending at etIM. Molex has launched two new wire harness terminals, GEPC09, which use LCP terminals for free recharge. Customers can choose to equip Molex patch cords and single ended terminals in the download area, greatly reducing the variety of Molex products. The Molex Quality Control Department, Quality Assurance Management Molex Quality Control Department, and Quality Assurance Engineer Molex, which can achieve automatic inspection and delivery of lines, have selected each wiring harness standard as a new source of Molex customized and processed Molex terminal pressing terminals, and have pasted them into the most popular standard terminal wiring harnesses for Molex in customized production. Able to achieve automatic inspection and delivery of wires, single end stripping, and dual end wire operation, Molex is the most perfect product for PCB recognition modules with excellent quality. Able to achieve self-locking wire feeding and dual end wire operation Molex software project management Molex software development, complete production and label lines or download Molex from computer and other copying machine systems.

Molex designs and processes patches similar to cables, using the most popular method of de wiring and the most popular sensor (C) to provide high-quality sensing based on waveform (tan) and input/output. The wire structure is formed by traditional wire basic knowledge such as letter mother core mold (VD), and various wire combinations form the resistance.

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